Monday, May 23, 2011

Yeah, I liked them

Anytime I find a new gluten free (GF) bakery item I get INCREDIBLY excited! That being said, my world has gotten a whole lot brighter because my mom has become friends with a woman who owns a bakery and has a daughter with celiac so she sells some GF stuff!!!! (Thank you mom for making friends with her. You are officially the Best. Mom. Ever.)

This weekend she tried a new recipe for me. Eclairs! ECLAIRS PEOPLE! I haven’t had an éclair in over 6 years! Do you know what that’s like for an Italian American lover of pastry????? Let’s just say I’m a little excited that I get to have them again! It’s unfortunate that the bakery is in Connecticut and I’m not, but I’ll get by. I have about 2 dozen in my freezer right now so I can have a little piece of heaven anytime I want!

The bakery lady asked for an honest critique because she doesn’t want to sell crap in her bakery (fair enough) but she’s crap free as far as I’m concerned! They were SO amazing I had to hold back tears. I’m serious! I was getting a little misty with the pure pleasure! I’d say that’s a winning recipe! So thank you bakery lady for bringing some joy to my joy-less eating adventures! 

(yeah, looks like that "eating healthier" thing is going to have to wait until these babies aren't haunting me from my freezer.)

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