Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catching up

So we've had a busy few days. Let's start with the bad news and work our way to the good. 

Last night Bud was playing tag at the park and turned to run away and smacked right into a pole! He turned ash white and started to vomit. Awesome. He has a grade 2 concussion. He's doing ok but I have to keep a close watch on him. I had to wake him up every two hours to make sure he was responsive (he was) and we are keeping a cold compress on the bump which has really helped the swelling. Hopefully he doesn't show any symptoms in the next 7 days. 

 photo 7FC46B02-EC46-4D84-88F8-138F27C66A18-1247-000000FBD325D8CC_zpse412a781.jpg

Let's not dwell and make me freak out that my 6 year old has a concussion, shall we move on?

Moving chronologically, I got my grade in my Shakespeare class yesterday. I got an A-!! Look...

 photo 6A3B1FD0-380C-4CF8-816A-00AA173EA6BD-1247-000000FBF88E7814_zps866f2ed2.jpg

For real, that's MY grade! In Shakespeare. Whoa!

Now to a real scary fun topic! Babe is officially done with nursery school! How is that even possible? She can (mostly) write her name and can do all the skills she should be doing and now she's ready to move on to pre-k in the fall. Holy crap! She had an end-of-year program this past weekend where she looked way older than she should. 

Heartbreaker in the making photo DSC_0177_zps7e3ca9e1.jpg
She has the best little smiles

Still beautiful photo DSC_0176_zps0f49c7b7.jpg
Where'd my little girl go?

She's so beautiful photo DSC_0167_zps4e61a03b.jpg
She's so beautiful...if I do say so myself

The program was the typical mix of adorable and painful, but there were some moments that stole the show.

The moment she spotted us in the crowd. She was sooo happy to see us right up front photo DSC_0182_zpsc43cf48a.jpg
The moment she spotted us in the crowd. 
She was soooo excited that we were front and center!

Anyone know the song Tooty-ta? lol! photo DSC_0260_zpscde68500.jpg
Anyone familiar with the song Tooty-Ta? Hilarious!

Possibly my favorite picture photo DSC_0222_zps3b020e5b.jpg
Possibly my favorite picture. 
(The little boy is our family friend .)

Love this little smirk photo DSC_0199_zps2b360046.jpg
That little smile!
She looks just like my sister-in-law in this picture. That's a very good thing! :-)


Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's time

I've been wanting to say something for a while. I even have this really gut-wrenching unpublished post written in which I go on and on about how hard of a decision this has been and how I'm constantly doubting my decision because I don't want to tear our family apart. But recent events, better left unsaid here, have forced me to change my outlook on the situation. All doubt has vanished. I am getting divorced.

It still sucks, very very much sucks, but I believe in signs, little ways for God, or the universe, or whatever deity you believe in, to show you that you are making the right decision. I have made the right decision. It is time to move forward. It is not going to be easy. I'm scared out of my mind for what lies ahead. But - it is right. We are toxic for each other. We both deserve better. I cannot forget the past and so I will learn from it. 

The most important thing is that we work together - which will be hard since it's something we weren't able to do as husband and wife, but we have to - to ensure that the kids have the best life possible. We have to put aside our hurt, our resentment, our anger, grief, sorrow, pain, frustration, all of it needs to be put aside so that we can ensure our kids are happy and healthy and well cared for. I want our kids to see that sometimes things don't work out the way you expect, but you make the best of the situation and you move forward, always learning from the past so that you can make better decisions in the future. 

We failed. As husband and wife we failed each other. But it's an opportunity to show our kids that failure is not the end. It's a chance to reset, to start a different path, a brighter path and this time with road signs(!), with experience guiding you in a better direction and allowing you to navigate smarter. 

As much as I wish we could remain a family, I know this is right. We are getting divorced.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Words make it all worth it

I didn't get breakfast in bed. I didn't get jewelry or clothes. I got something a whole lot better...

From Bud:
 photo MothersDay1_zpsd9da4325.jpeg
1. Mom is really fun
2. Mom is thoughtful
3. Mom is very funny
4. Mom is very nice
5. Mom is very strong
6. Mom is very fast
7. Mom is very smart
8. Mom forgets a lot
(Thanks Bud. He giggled when I read this one. He loved that he could tease me with it)
9. Mom is pretty
(Awww, that's so much better then the time he told me my boobs look weird)
10. Mom loves a lot of people
(Especially a certain little boy and his sister)

 photo MothersDay2_zps111fb418.jpeg
The best thing about Mom is she makes me feel better when I am sad. She likes to help us when we need help. Her favorite foods are chili and...

 photo MothersDay3_zps4ee73ec7.jpeg
stir fry. Mom knows a lot about reading books. I wish she didn't have to cook so much. (clearly I have not hidden the fact that I hate making dinner) I love when we go to the park.

From Babe:
 photo MothersDay4_zps37b84726.jpeg

Yes Babe, I am 5...don't ever forget that!
I do love blue!
Clearly I love chili...too bad they hate it!
Can you guess Babe's favorite song for me to sing to her? (It says Twinkle, Twinkle in case you can't read the teacher's cramped writing)
I do so very much love the restaurant la Iguana! I'm glad she knows it! :-)
She's a fun game player
How can I argue with that? :-)

Bud insisted on calling me "Mother" the entire day. I told him he didn't have to call me Mother just because it was Mother's Day but he informed me that: "I have to! It wouldn't be polite if I didn't!" Well, how could I argue with that! So "Mother" it was...all day! 

The weather left a little to be desired yesterday but that didn't stop us from taking a bike ride to the park and it was the perfect excuse to snuggle on the couch and watch the Rangers win game 6 to force a game 7 watch cartoons until Babe fell asleep leaning up against me. I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dirty Girl 2013

Before this weekend I'd never imagined it was possible to get mud in the places I had mud. Let's just say I'm no longer going to complain when I go to the beach and get sand in my bathing suit. But dear lord it was worth it!! 

My friends and I participated in the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Scranton, PA this weekend. If you ever get the chance...DO IT!!! You will not be sorry. 

Words don't really do the experience justice, so I'll leave it to the pictures.

We started out looking like this...
 photo 2_zps562f04a5.jpg

and this
 photo 100_0520_zps8e789c1f.jpg

So clean!

 (Smidge)        (Jamalee)
 photo 100_0513_zps4d76a269.jpg

But we quickly got to the mud!

Dance party in the woods!! Because...why not?
 photo 100_0524_zpsb0564bcd.jpg

Jamalee's face (the one in the back) capture's her feeling about the net climb absolutely perfectly!
 photo 100_0568_zpsa37cdd6c.jpg

Made it!
 photo 100_0576_zps43f25ef7.jpg

Preparing for the slide
 photo 100_0592_zps9e70b177.jpg

It's at this moment that I realize...Oh CRAP!
 photo 7_zpse20a4e86.jpg

But it was WORTH it!!
 photo 8_zps23aab620.jpg

 photo 6_zps28fee840.jpg

Her expressions are priceless!
 photo 100_0602_zpsdea2f119.jpg

Not sure who did it wrong, me and Jamalee, or Smidge and her sisters. 
(I think me and J got it right)
 photo 100_0607_zps91a3a936.jpg

Almost to the end
 photo DG7_zpse7bc0051.jpg

One more mud pit before the finish line...and a little extra mud for Smidge's face
 photo DG8_zpsed3a0ef8.jpg

I love these ladies!
 photo 100_0629_zpsa6219946.jpg

Babe thought she wanted a kiss
 photo DG9_zps95f6eb78.jpg

Bud was too smart for that!
 photo DG10_zps8bed9bf4.jpg

They had no idea how close they were to being DIRTY! :-)
 photo DG5_zps10590512.jpg

 photo DG6_zpsd884e7b9.jpg

Still fun
 photo DG13_zps3b0380d8.jpg

Awww yeeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!
 photo DG1_zps7ed9eef5.jpg

I tried getting video to embed but it doesn't seem to be working so I'm going to ask you to click these link (GASP! I know it's difficult but it's fun, I promise)

So as you can see it was an AMAZING experience and one that I can't wait to do again! Once we were done they had a tent with garden hoses (freezing cold garden hoses) to wash off. It was like a locker room on steroids. (I've seen things I can't unsee. **Shudder**) So we all did the best we could to get as much mud off as possible and change into clothes that didn't have 3 inches of mud on them. However, I still had to contend with actually cleaning all of my stuff once I got home.

My bathtub took a beating!
 photo 6E5FA671-E776-4A96-8A16-A720B30F9A50-11383-0000099A11E279A9_zps7cee12e5.jpg

I can't believe how "clean" I was able to get them!
 photo 5716E173-2AD4-4878-8A9C-EA371F12885D-11383-0000099A3467495F_zpsf6b10c67.jpg

My shirt is now a nice gray color (sorry, I didn't get a post-wash picture) but it was ALL worth it!! 

And while I was busy rinsing out my clothes someone found my iPod and had a little fun
 photo 0AFEF191-61A3-42D9-8BC9-ECF3F1503B07-11383-0000099A2333035C_zps99e9e0fc.jpg