Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hockey Update

Hockey is almost over. Just one more practice and Bud will be hanging up his skates until next season. I’m amazed at the progress he’s made since October. He was barely able to stand up and now he flies on the ice. 

Monday was a special night. They had the college hockey players line up on the ice holding their sticks up and as they announced each player they skated through the college guys. It gave me visions of the NHL was pretty awesome.

If he sticks with it he just might be the next Lundqvist (or Ryan Miller, if you prefer?). They’ve been playing cross ice games without goalies (It’s hard enough for them to score without one.) but Bud can’t stand the thought of the other team scoring so he races the other team as they head up the ice and blocks the goal. He’s surprisingly successful at blocking shots and clearing the crease. (Not that I’m scouting him or anything. Nope.)

We did have an “incident” we had to address though. He inadvertently tripped another player and that boy skated over to Bud and had some words (remember, they are 5) and Bud slashed him with his stick! The other kid slashed back and they started tussling and fell on the ice and kept slashing at each other. I was practically jumping over the boards yelling at Bud to knock it off watching in horror! (It was the end of practice and the coaches had congregated at center ice and weren’t paying attention.) When he got off the ice he immediately asked me (like he always does), “How did I do today, mommy?” I checked him into the wall and told him I never want to see that type of play (until the NHL) every again! I took a deep breath and told him that slashing anybody with his stick is unacceptable, even if the other player does it, he should not, under any circumstances, do it back, and he certainly shouldn’t start it! 

I don’t know who the other player was otherwise I would have apologized to the mom and made Bud apologize to the kid. They are a sea of red and white and are all but indistinguishable when they are skating around (I solved that by putting Bud in a Ranger jersey…so now the other parents know exactly who my kid is. Awesome.) The good news is that he hasn’t done it again. 

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of him being goalie. More padding and almost zero contact. That sounds like the right combo for Bud!


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Friday, February 24, 2012

She's no Ryan Gosling

Have you ever had to have a straight-faced conversation about kettle bells with a nude woman in a locker room. It’s a little unsettling. I’ve never tried so hard to focus on someone’s eyes. And the more I tried to make my escape the more she found topics to discuss. It didn’t help that she was drying off her legs and then vigorously towel drying her hair. I had all I could do to not run screaming from the locker room yelling “MY EYES! MY EYES!” (Friends anyone?)

I actually started the conversation, but in my defense, when I asked her my question the towel was wrapped around her body. I didn’t expect her to whip it off and start doing jumping jacks in front of me! When I change I still cower into a corner and pray no one comes over as I switch into my sports bra. Granted, I’m much less reserved than when I was younger (childbirth will do that to you) but I still don’t want a show when I ask if she’ll be teaching a kettle bells class this summer.



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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Consequences of Homemade Salsa (Featuring MS Paint)

I can't get enough homemade salsa. Unfortunately for my husband, I went a little overboard on the garlic and onion this time. It was so bad he started involuntarily holding his breath when I came close. Every time he walked into the same room as me he'd just shake his head and say "It's just so bad!"

I had a good time torturing him with that one!

I finally gave in and threw out the rest of it. 

(But not before consuming a whole load of it in one last Hooray!)

(It's just SO GOOD!)


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Monday, February 20, 2012

Thought Vomit - Monday Edition

So you might not know this about me but I think about some really random crap. (I know! Hard to believe, right!) Most of the time I spare you guys the details but I have come across the perfect platform to spew my mind vomit all across the Internet. 

Thought Vomit Thursdays was brought to my attention by Josey over at “My Cheap Version of therapy”
 (Go ahead and click the link. She’s fun. The first link will bring you to her home page, the second will bring you to her first TVT post.)

Here goes…

So many things went on this weekend but none of them are really blog worthy on their own. Rather than regale you with the play-by-play of my new sandals (SQUEEEE) or my frying pan (woot woot) or the laugh-out-loud play-by-play of our game of Bubble Talk with our friends, I’ll leave you with these snippets of conversations and thoughts from the weekend.

Conversation Snippets:

Said by a 45-ish year old man to another man at a bowling alley last night
You just said “cockeyed!” (giggle, giggle, giggle) (I wish I was kidding)

Babe on why she cried in the shower
The water was shining in my eyes.

Bud on “winning”
Bud: Mommy, what number were you up the stairs?
Me: Um, I think I was third.
Bud: Ok everybody, third is the best, second is the worst. (Babe was second, of course.)

Some minor thoughts on my weekend:

Why are pots (not from Wal-Mart) so expensive? I think it should be illegal to charge $165 for a frying pan.

Bed, Bath & Beyond is like Toys R Us for grown-ups. Everything is shiny, all the best toys are WAY HIGH on the wall, and it has everything you EVER need! (Except pretty flannel sheets. I can’t be the only one who likes flannel sheets even in summer, right?)

The sandals in the box in my size were brand new. I mean, I wasn’t at a second hand store or anything but I mean no one even tried them on before! They were still wrapped in plastic with all the shoe stuffing in its proper place. I don’t know if I have ever come across shoes in this state! I think the angels were singing. But because they were wrapped up so nicely I only tried on one. I’m getting a little nervous about the fact that I didn’t try on the other one. Lazy Mistake # 374 for the year.

Good friends are worth the wait. It took 8 years and two kids but we finally have a good “couple” friends with kids that play together nicely. The kind of friends that will volunteer to watch your kids for you so you can go out (even if it’s only to the bowling alley to sub on your in-laws league), the kind that make plans to go out on your anniversary together because you got married 1 day apart, the kind that you can sit on the couch and giggle with while making said plans, the kind that will play stupid board games with you every weekend and laugh the entire time, the kind that has a son who your son thinks is the best thing since sliced bread (and vice versa). Yeah, we got lucky with D and L.

Hope you had a good weekend too.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Flashback

Baby Bud

One of my favorite pictures of him. He’s only a few weeks old here and still all innocent looking curled up and squishy! 
Love it!


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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Conversations with Bud (in the car)

Bud: Who came up with the word “water”?

Me: Someone came up with it a very long time ago.

Bud: What is their name?

Me: I don’t know. They didn’t keep records like that back then.

Bud: But why can’t we ask them now?

Me: Well, that person has been dead for a very long time.

Bud: Was it a president?

Me: hehehehehe No, it wasn’t a president.

Bud: But they are dead now?

Me: Yes, definitely.

Bud: How did they die?

Me: I don’t know. I don’t even know who they are.

Bud: Were they really old?

Me: No clue Bud.

Bud: Maybe they got a cold.

Me: Well, that’s possible, people back then died of weird…No, probably not a cold Bud. We don’t die of colds now. We just get sick and then get better. No one is dying of a cold now.

Bud: What about a cough? (dramatic cough into his elbow)

Me: Nope, not going to die of a cough. We have medicines now that protect us from dying from stuff like that. You don’t have to worry about getting sick and dying, ok Bud?


Me: Bud, did you hear me?


Me: (in my head) Thank you portable DVD player for saving me from that conversation going any farther.


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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Apple doesn't fall far at all

(If you haven't read my Valentine's post from yesterday read here so that the following makes sense.)

There is no denying I am my mother's child. I received this email from her this morning about the conversation she had with my father yesterday.

Mom: Do you want to do anything for Valentine's Day?

Dad: No, you?

Mom: No.

Dad: That's why I Love you.


Mom: rummage through my card drawer and come up with a pretty rose card with a blank message. I write something sweet and sentimental and leave it on Dad's dresser.

Dad: takes the card and crosses out his name to mine and mine to his and leaves it on the Kitchen counter.

Ahh, true love after 37 years!

My mom said it best, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!


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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We've been married long enough

Last week~

Me: Let’s not get anything for each other on Valentine’s Day.

Husband: For real?

Me: Yeah. Is that ok?

Husband: Yeah, it’s ok but you have to promise to really not get me anything.

Me: Well, I picked out a card a few weeks ago so I’ll probably give you that, but I’m not going to buy you anything else. Ok?

Husband: Ok

Last night~

Husband: You didn’t get me anything right? I don’t want to not have anything for you if you got something for me.

Me: I didn't buy you anything, I only got you that card.

Husband: I didn’t get you a card.

Me: Would you prefer I didn't give you the card?

Husband: Yeah, I think that would be best.

I think we win the Super Romantic Award, no?

I did sing him my Valentine song this morning though. That should count for something.

Will you be my v-a-l-e-n-t-i-n-e? If you will you'll surely know how happy I will be! Sugar, spice, and all things nice, that's what you are to me. Will you be my v-a-l-e-n-t-i-n-e?

(He said yes. Score!)

(Do you think singing that song gets me out of having to make dinner tonight?)

(Yeah, I don't think so either.)

Happy Valentine's day everyone! 


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Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear Princess Butterfly

Dear Princess Butterfly,

I often complain that you won’t let me get any sleep. I often complain that you know exactly how to manipulate me. I often fear your teenage years, knowing that the lost sleep and manipulation will only increase exponentially. But goodness, it’s not possible to love you any more than I do. No matter what, you are so happy every morning. Even when you stay up until midnight watching Cinderella and I wake you up at 7, and all you really want to do is go back to sleep (I know this because you  tell me “I want to still be sleeping.”) (Me too, kid.) you still have a smile on your face and a giggle on the tip of your tongue. When I’m cooking dinner and you come up to me from behind and bury your face in my butt and say “I love you Mommy” it melts my heart! (At least I’m pretty certain the muffled words you are saying are “I love you.” I could be wrong but since you end it with a kiss on my butt I think I’ve got it right.) You squeal, you jump (off of EVERYTHING), you giggle until you pee in my utensil drawer on my coffee table. You are perfect. I hope that you always keep your spirit and your love of adventure. (Please don’t take up rock climbing, I don’t think I could handle that.) You are so much like your Aunt Victoria. Sometimes I want to smack you, but mostly I just want to squeeze you and never let you go. (Even when you get naked for the 3rd time in 20 minutes.) (What’s with that?)
So Babe, Princess Butterfly, or whatever else you decide to call yourself. I love you. You bring a smile to my face and make me want to smack you. You are lucky you are so darn cute!

Love Mama
(Why did you start calling me Mama? We've never used it before. Very random.)


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Friday, February 10, 2012

Fresh Flashback?

I’m sorry to all those that were expecting a Friday Flashback today. My flashback photo stash has been seriously depleted and my desperate plea for assistance to my family went completely unanswered! (Does that make any of you feel guilty family? I hope so!)

So instead, we’ll flashback to last night (fresh flashback - get it? Sometimes I'm so funny) when I suspect Princess Butterfly didn’t know how close she was to murder/suicide.

 Yeah, she actually smiled for this picture! God knew what he was doing when he made her cute!

(Side note: she buttoned that sweater by herself. She might be a genius.)
(Side note 2: yes, I saw the glitter explosion and told her "DON'T MOVE" while I ran and got my camera. I'm a dedicated blogger and I hope you all appreciate the effort I put forth.)

And then she went back to playing like she didn't just see her mother’s head explode...or her brother's head. The glitter was his. There was some SERIOUS tears and the fact that there was still half a jar of glitter was not a comfort. She dumped out his "favorite part." Yes, we have our concerns about him.

Thanks for the glitter Nana

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thought Vomit Thursday

So you might not know this about me but I think about some really random crap. (I know! Hard to believe, right!) Most of the time I spare you guys the details but I have come across the perfect platform to spew my mind vomit all across the Internet. 

Thought Vomit Thursdays was brought to my attention by Josey over at “My Cheap Version of therapy”
 (Go ahead and click the link. She’s fun. The first link will bring you to her home page, the second will bring you to her first TVT post.)

Here goes…

I’m considering suspenders. Belts are expensive and suspenders seem like they could be a fashion statement. (Let’s not focus on what that statement would be.)

If someone doesn’t get me a freaking cookie right now I might strangle someone. (Jillian Michaels is evil, my car is in the shop and going to cost me 3x my mortgage payment, and I deserve a cookie.)

I really want to get family pictures taken. I don’t care very much for the studio shots. I like the candid, outdoor shots. Two years ago we had a friend’s sister take a bazillion pictures of us and they remain my most favorite pictures. However, Babe is bald and But is tiny. It’s time for new ones!

I have learned that it’s just as hard to pick a color to paint an office wall as it is to paint a room at home. “Interesting Aqua” or “Halcyon Green”? Decisions, decisions!

If Time Warner doesn’t broadcast the Ranger game tonight I may have to hurt someone. (Preferably not a family member.)

Babe told me she has a new name. Henceforth she is “Princess Butterfly.”

Bud claims he skates faster than 100. (100 what I’m not sure but it must be fast!) Watch out NHL!

I still haven’t come up with a new name for my husband. Everyone had really good suggestions but I’m still undecided. All the choices only made it harder! I kind of like “Dude” because he’s so very much NOT a dude. I don’t know why, but he just isn’t. Why that makes me like it that much more I can’t explain. And Cement Mixer is just too cool for words but I fear I will tire of typing that out every time. I like the suggestion of a B name (Bum would be awesome) but I think he would not be thrilled with that. Perhaps I will come up with something before the kids graduate college.

I could spew some more but I’m running out of time so Tha Tha Tha That’s all folks…

Totally just realized it's officially a year since I started to blog. Wow, this is a crappy post for my anniversary but there it is. Thank you to everyone who has stuck by me and to the new people who followed me (probably by accident). Thanks everyone for making me feel welcome in this awesome community!

Maybe I'll try harder tomorrow to kick off my second year in style. (Probably not.) (Fair warning.)


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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm either motivated or have a head injury.

Well, I suppose it’s official. I’m going to do a charity run in April. I’m so stupid. I haven’t run any significant distance since college (I don’t count running after rowdy toddlers and young children) but I was able to run a whole mile (!!) this morning without stopping. That was actually a lot better than I anticipated. It was cold, it was dark, but I actually did it! I mean I actually got out of my nice warm bed and threw myself into the cold to do physical activity! Excuse me while I pat myself on the back.

(I am fully aware that those reading this who are in shape are laughing at me for making such a big deal about a mile. I’m ok with that.)

I have a little less than two months (gasp!) to train myself to run 4 miles. I keep trying to convince my cousin (who has run this race for many years) to put on a harness and pull me on roller blades but so far she hasn't responded to my request. I’ll keep working on that, but in the meantime I figured I should probably have a plan B, so that involves a lot of early morning gasping for breath, cramps, shin splints, laying dead on the side of the road running.

I also convinced my co-worker to suffer with me workout with me during lunch. We have access to a very nice gym with a lot of nice new equipment that we should be taking advantage of.

I’m feeling all motivated and stuff. I may have a head injury. I’m waiting for me to get bored and give up. I’ve been able to keep myself working out for over a month so far so here’s hoping I don’t give up before April. (And now that I made it official - since writing it on the Internet totally counts as "official" - I'm hoping it will make me accountable and stick with it.)



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Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Flashback

I had several comments last week about the awesomeness hideousness of my pink wallpaper as a child. I'd like to redeem myself a little this week. I wised up and got rid of the pink. I replaced it with Ranger memorabilia and, what I like to call, teenage crap. Much better!

(This is an "early" picture of my Ranger memorabilia. Let's just grew since this picture. I'll show you someday.)

As for my awesome facial expression. I'm pretty sure I still make that face when I'm trying to do something. So...whatever. 

Didn't everyone play baseball with a mini-bat given away at Bat Day at Yankee Stadium? Just me? You don't know what you missed out on!

On a completely unrelated note, I still can't believe my parents thought my room was messy growing up. As you can plainly see, I was very organized, even matching my towel to my shirt. 

Happy Friday!


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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hi, I'm Lily and I've been a lazy blogger

I think my blogging urge has been replaced by an urge to work out. (Those that know me just fell out of their chair.) I’ve been trying to find something to write about…but it’s just not there. It’s also because I’ve been busy like whoa. (Stupid work.)

So in an effort to not be a lazy blogger I’m presenting you with…

The Top Ten Reasons I Hate Jillian Michaels

1. You can’t jump right to the menu when starting the 30-Shred DVD. I don’t want to listen about the 3-2-1 interval training. I’m living it, let’s move on people!
2. She’s evil.
3. She makes me do jumping jacks with weights in my hands AFTER we just get done shadow boxing! (Did I mention she’s evil?)
4. She has a little birth mark on her stomach that looks like dirt. I want to throw a hand weight washcloth at her.
5. She tells me we are “almost done” and then asks for 10 more scissor kicks. Evil.
6. She lets Anita do the easy stuff on all three levels, yet makes Natalie suffer. I think she’s prejudice.
7. She gets to stop working out so she can talk. She won’t let me stop so I can breathe talk. Witch.
8. While I’m working out with her I get sweat that starts rolling down my back. Eww!
9. She makes me get down on the floor for a lot of the exercises and it brings me face to face with the fact that my floors rarely get vacuumed. I prefer to ignore it but it’s hard when I suck in hair balls off the carpet with each push up.
10. But mostly I hate her because despite how much I hate the workout and it kills me, I actually really like it and I’m seeing results. Bitch.


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