Friday, February 10, 2012

Fresh Flashback?

I’m sorry to all those that were expecting a Friday Flashback today. My flashback photo stash has been seriously depleted and my desperate plea for assistance to my family went completely unanswered! (Does that make any of you feel guilty family? I hope so!)

So instead, we’ll flashback to last night (fresh flashback - get it? Sometimes I'm so funny) when I suspect Princess Butterfly didn’t know how close she was to murder/suicide.

 Yeah, she actually smiled for this picture! God knew what he was doing when he made her cute!

(Side note: she buttoned that sweater by herself. She might be a genius.)
(Side note 2: yes, I saw the glitter explosion and told her "DON'T MOVE" while I ran and got my camera. I'm a dedicated blogger and I hope you all appreciate the effort I put forth.)

And then she went back to playing like she didn't just see her mother’s head explode...or her brother's head. The glitter was his. There was some SERIOUS tears and the fact that there was still half a jar of glitter was not a comfort. She dumped out his "favorite part." Yes, we have our concerns about him.

Thanks for the glitter Nana

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  1. His "favorite part" is the cutest thing I've ever heard.

  2. Awww - the favorite part is on the floor. HOW COULD SHE!!?

  3. Oh, also feeling your pain! Those sparkles seem to stick around forever even after the clean-up. Though the green is a lovely color and she is EXTRA cute! :)

    1. James will not allow our children to EVER have glitter--he hates it! Maybe we can come play with glitter over at your house...haha:)

  4. Those glitters need a lot of cleaning up. Lol. I just hope those glitters didn't get to her eyes or it would hurt.