Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Consequences of Homemade Salsa (Featuring MS Paint)

I can't get enough homemade salsa. Unfortunately for my husband, I went a little overboard on the garlic and onion this time. It was so bad he started involuntarily holding his breath when I came close. Every time he walked into the same room as me he'd just shake his head and say "It's just so bad!"

I had a good time torturing him with that one!

I finally gave in and threw out the rest of it. 

(But not before consuming a whole load of it in one last Hooray!)

(It's just SO GOOD!)


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  1. YAY! You used MS Paint. I was just thinking that I haven't made a paint drawing in a very long time. I'm overdue!

    I love your artistic skills!

  2. Recipe please! I've been trying to find one!

  3. My best friend is obsessed with homemade salsa as well. But she found some lady she can buy it from weekly!

  4. Ha!

    I also love garlic so I'd have been a fan!

  5. HILARIOUS--and I LOVE the whole tormenting him/holding his breath thing! I can totally see that happening here! And you just reminded me that I have some yummy salsa waiting for me--thank you!

    Oh--and YAY! I can post comments again (for now...)!

  6. MS Paint drawings on ANY blog always crack me up! One of my Teen Writers on Miss Unlimited narrates a lot of her posts with them, and the girl cracks me up every time.

    Too bad your garlic and onion breath didn't have the same effect on your husband! :)

  7. Haha. He's not just into salsa as much as you do. Maybe another recipe would work for him. Miss Paint is cute by the way. Haha