Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hi, I'm Lily and I've been a lazy blogger

I think my blogging urge has been replaced by an urge to work out. (Those that know me just fell out of their chair.) I’ve been trying to find something to write about…but it’s just not there. It’s also because I’ve been busy like whoa. (Stupid work.)

So in an effort to not be a lazy blogger I’m presenting you with…

The Top Ten Reasons I Hate Jillian Michaels

1. You can’t jump right to the menu when starting the 30-Shred DVD. I don’t want to listen about the 3-2-1 interval training. I’m living it, let’s move on people!
2. She’s evil.
3. She makes me do jumping jacks with weights in my hands AFTER we just get done shadow boxing! (Did I mention she’s evil?)
4. She has a little birth mark on her stomach that looks like dirt. I want to throw a hand weight washcloth at her.
5. She tells me we are “almost done” and then asks for 10 more scissor kicks. Evil.
6. She lets Anita do the easy stuff on all three levels, yet makes Natalie suffer. I think she’s prejudice.
7. She gets to stop working out so she can talk. She won’t let me stop so I can breathe talk. Witch.
8. While I’m working out with her I get sweat that starts rolling down my back. Eww!
9. She makes me get down on the floor for a lot of the exercises and it brings me face to face with the fact that my floors rarely get vacuumed. I prefer to ignore it but it’s hard when I suck in hair balls off the carpet with each push up.
10. But mostly I hate her because despite how much I hate the workout and it kills me, I actually really like it and I’m seeing results. Bitch.


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  1. Jillian totally scares me. She'd kick my butt and throw away most of the food in my cupboard. If not ALL of it.

  2. Ahahahaha. SO TRUE. I need to start doing it again. You've motivated me to do that on my off days from running.

  3. She's a bitch with a nice body, keep up and you'll have a killer body too ;o) You GO girllll!!


  4. You must be doing pushups on my floors! LOL. I thought the exact same thing when I was doing the shred. I did p90x last summer...Jillian is cake compared to that.

  5. LOL, I've totally had the same thoughts about Jillian. :)

  6. Hahahahah you are so funny.

    I thought about you the other day when your Rangers beat my Sabres in the shootout. :) At least it was a good game.

  7. Hey Lil...that is so awesome that you are sticking with the workout! Nice job! Hope everything else is going well. Sometimes when you have nothing to blog about, it just means you are having perfectly normal days....ahhhh!