Monday, February 28, 2011

And then fire rained from the sky!

Quite the morning! Thank God for Carbon Monoxide detectors! This morning I came downstairs, like every morning, and turned on the baby monitor and the TV and went back into the kitchen to prepare my breakfast. Just as I was walking back into the kitchen we had a power surge. A moment later I hear a shrill alarm coming from upstairs. I figured it was the smoke detector resetting itself so I ran up there but it wasn’t that. Then I realized it was the carbon monoxide detector. I figured it just had to do with the power surge and since it is right outside the bedroom doors I was more concerned about the kids waking up. I unplugged it and tried plugging it back in but it kept going off. I brought it to another part of the hallway and plugged it in there and it still was going off. That got me a little worried! So I ran in to Bud’s room to bring him downstairs. When I went through the dining room to go back up and get Babe I noticed that the carbon monoxide detector there was showing high levels (the upstairs one doesn’t show the levels, the alarm just sounds). The levels got me really worried so I ran and got Babe and brought her down and started getting Bud ready to get in the car so I could get them out of the house. The whole time I kept my eye on the levels and they kept jumping up and down. Just when I thought everything was going to be ok they would spike incredibly high again! I got Bud in his jacket and boots and tried to open the garage but the power still wasn’t fully restored so it wouldn’t open. I went over and pulled the cord so I could manually open the door but the door would only open a few inches and then get caught on something. I called my husband to see if he could come get me but he was in the plow truck across town so I called his parents so at least I could get the kids out of the house. Bud was already bundled so I grabbed a blanket (because Babe’s jacket was currently soaking wet in the washer) and wrapped her up and we stood outside (in the pouring rain - thank God for a covered porch!) waiting for them to come. Next thing we know here comes an enormous plow truck coming like the Calvary down our tiny road! Lights flashing, brakes hissing! My husband jumping down from his perch looking all valiant! It was all very dramatic! My in-laws showed up at almost the same time so I was able to get the kids in the warm car. By the end of it my husband was able to get my garage open so I grabbed a few things and drove to my in-laws to finish getting ready.

It was all very scary. I didn’t really know what to do, or where to go. I didn’t want to overreact but I also didn’t want to put my kids in danger. We aren’t sure what made the levels spike like that but we are going to look into it. For now I’m just glad we were able to get out and thank God for the carbon monoxide detectors! If you don’t have them in your house I hope this story will convince you that they are worth it!!!!

(I never did get that breakfast! Damn, I'm hungry!)

Friday, February 25, 2011

When I grow up

Bud has decided he’s going to be a farmer when he grows up. Lofty expectations for sure! It got me thinking about what I want to be when I grow up. I’ve decided I’d like to be a published author, a real estate agent, a geologist, and a flight attendant. That way I’ll be able to make extra money while flying to my book signings and then find a house near a great geologic site so I can do research. I’m sure I’ll have time for all of that!

When I was younger I wanted to grow up to be the wife of a NY Ranger. (Hey, hubby, want to work on that?) I also wanted to be a bank teller. Since my mom worked at a bank she’d bring home the coolest stuff to play with! I thought it was the most exciting thing! Then, in college, I worked as a bank teller one summer. I’m glad it was a summer job…moving on….

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

School politics

I don’t want to be “that mom”. I don’t want to be a helicopter parent, making sure my child has everything "just right" and stepping in when it isn't. At my son’s age I know it’s necessary and vital to be a presence to ensure my children are on the right path but when is the line crossed? It was already brought up to me by another mother that we have to start thinking about which teacher we want our children to have next year in kindergarten. The conversation veered into which kids we hoped ended up in the class with our two. Unfortunately it’s hard for me to keep up to date on Bud’s school life since I never drop off or pick up and don’t have much interaction with other mothers. I have to base all of my knowledge on what Bud says to me at home. I hear the names he says but could never pick these kids out of a line-up. (I hope none of them are ever actually IN a line-up!) So as we discussed who else we hope is in their class I went with what Bud has said. With each name I said I was met with the same thing “Oh, not him!”, “Oh, not her!” When I asked why the boy Bud talks about the most wouldn’t be a good one to have in the class she said that he didn’t come from a good family. I find that so sad! Just because he doesn’t have a good family means we, as adults, should write him off already? I don’t know what this kid is like, I’ve never met him, but I don’t want Bud thinking he can’t be friends with children that come from “messed up” families. Who’s family is perfect? And does that even matter anyway?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mornings with Bud

Me: Do you want Lucky Charms or Coco Puffs?
Bud: The one with the green frog on it.
Me: We don’t have Smacks, I asked if you wanted Lucky Charms or Coco Puffs.
Bud: I want the one with the green frog on it!
Me: I’m sorry Bud, we don’t have that. I’ll write it on the list for next time.
Bud: I HATE YOU! I want the one with the frog!!!!!!
Me: We don’t say hate you little twerp, now I’m going to give you Lucky Charms if you don’t tell me what you want.
Bud: I don’t want Lucky Charms!
Me: OK, then I’ll make you Coco Puffs.
Bud: NO!
Bud: Oooh! Pancakes! Yeah!! Thank you mommy!
Momentary pause
Bud: I love you mommy
Me: I’m going to kill one of us, I’m not sure which yet.

It’s Wednesday, show and tell day.
Me: Bud, you need to bring something for show and tell.
Bud: (holds a finger up to signal me to wait)
Me: (waiting
Me: (waiting while he makes funny faces that make me want to
smack hug him).
Me: BUD!!! Go into your toy closet and pick out a toy!
Bud: I have to go pee.
(Please note that the ONLY time he decides, on his own, that he has to go pee is when I ask him to do something)

He goes to the bathroom and I head to the closet to attempt to size up his options. After a few minutes of trying to find something appropriate I realize that he is taking a loooong time. I peek my head out of the closet and see that he’s at the sink sitting on the sink.

Me: Bud, what are you doing?
No answer.
Me again: Bud! What’s up?
No answer.

I go in there and he’s making funny faces at the mirror. Sometimes I want to flush him down the toilet he’s so funny.

Me: Bud, you are supposed to be washing your hands.
(He continues to make funny faces.)
Me: Bud! Hands! Now!
(No reaction so I grab his hands and wash them for him before I use them to beat him senseless)
Me: OK, now go pick out a toy.
(He proceeds to climb up to the computer.)
Me: Bud! What are you doing? Go get a toy!!!!!

At this point it dawns on me that he’s like Dory from Finding Nemo. He’s very well intentioned but shiny objects distract him and he no longer remembers that he was supposed to be doing something. I lead him by the shoulders into the toy closet.

Me: OK, what do you want to bring?
Bud: Ummm.
Me: How about Mr. Potato Head?
Bud: No.
Me: How about your cowboy hat?
Bud No.
Me: How about this little car?
Bud: Already brought that.
Me: What about…
Bud: I want to take this truck! (Mind you he’s staggering under its weight as he tries to hold it up)
Me: Sorry Bud, that’s too big. What about your microphone?
(At this point he’s now playing with said truck, completely ignoring me.)

So that I don’t slap him I walk out of the closet. Not to mention that it’s like a freezer in there because it’s poorly insulated and has no heater and my fingers are going numb. I tell him to finish his breakfast because we have to hurry up and get going.

As I’m shutting the light to the closet I notice his Rangers goalie mask on the shelf. I grab that and bring it to him.

Me: What about this?
Bud: YEAH! I like that uh, that uh, that…
Me: It’s a goalie mask.
Bud: I KNOOOOW! Stop being a ho ho.
(This is his latest kick. He’s calling everything a ho ho. Fabulous!  I don’t know where he gets his penchant for making up words!!)
Me: OK, slappy let’s get going!

The frustration level continued when I dropped Bud off at his classmates house (her mom drives him to school for me) and the first thing his classmate said is “Why is Bud not in his pajamas? It’s pajama day at school today.”


I tried calling my dear husband from their house to see if there was any way he could bring his PJ’s so he didn’t miss out (like last year when I also forgot but didn’t have a reminder until Bud came home upset that he was the only one who didn’t wear his pajamas. They also had a picture taken for the newspaper that day and since he's so little they sat him in the front row. Now we have a permanent archive of my forgetfulness! Because I don't carry enough guilt around with me!) but my dear husband doesn’t usually answer his phone when he doesn’t recognize the number (note to self: Get dear husband to program her number into his phone!!!!) So I go running out to my car where I proceed to slip on the ice because they never shovel their driveway and I scrape my hand and bruise my leg! The fun never stops folks!

I finally get in touch with my husband and (thank the good Lord!) he is able to run the PJ’s for me. But then he has the audacity to ask which ones! Like I would know what kind of mood our child might be in at the moment! I left him over a minute ago, in which time the answer has changed 14 times! Since I’ve already left their house and am driving to work, I better call and find out because I don’t want to subject the poor mother to one of his meltdowns. She’s too nice to inflict that on! And thankfully I called because I would have chosen his “wing” Buzz Lightyear’s and I would have been W-R-O-N-G! No, today is apparently a Woody kind of day because I hear him say “I’m a cowboy! Duh!!”

Well isn’t that just a ho ho!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update to Mom Lesson #16

UPDATED Mom Lesson # 16

You also hear things you never expect to hear.

I was just on the phone with my husband and we were having a pleasant conversation when all of a sudden he yells "GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR PANTS! YOU ARE POOPING!"

Future Hockey Mom of America

We took Bud to a Try Hockey for Free event at a local college this weekend. The program was wonderful and the coach’s were even better. We actually showed up at the wrong time but they still let him participate and even gave him one-on-one coaching (not to mention the use of their equipment)! Bud had a huge smile on his face the entire time, even though he could hardly stand up. All he cared about was getting the puck and using his stick! It was besides the point that he could only stand for a few seconds before falling again! He gave it a valiant effort and you could see how proud he was! I think he’ll go far in sports. Afterwards he came off the ice and the first thing he asked was “Do I get a trophy?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Underwear Bandit

Mom Lesson # 16

Once you have kids you say things that you never dreamed you would have to say.

“Babe, get back here with that stack of Bud’s underwear! Don’t hide in the closet, give Bud back his underwear! What are you going to do with 1, 2, 3…7 pair of his underwear?!!!"