Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have an itch that I can't scratch. It’s like the itch you get at the back of your mouth and you try to suck on your tongue to reach it and that certainly doesn’t work so you try using your finger but that tickles more than scratches so you try to take your mind off of it but the more you try not to think about it the worse it gets and it just keeps going and going until you think you are going to FREAK out if you don’t scratch it!

Yeah, I need to write. That's my itch. It's been growing for about a year. I hear it calling my name and by God it's time to answer! 

So welcome to my world. Just like any mom (perhaps the mom next door?)I'm great at making it look like I have everything under control. Two beautiful kids - check! Loving husband - check! House, car, good job - check, check, check! But let's get real. Chaos is the only way to describe it. Blindly feeling my way along attempting to produce two well adjusted children. This is my journey...

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