Thursday, February 17, 2011


The changes that occur when you have kids are immeasurable. That’s no surprise, but what often strikes me is how deep those changes can run. I recently learned that even daydreaming is not immune. The other day I saw the music video for Taylor Swift’s song “Love Story” (another thing that changes is your TV priorities, so yes, this was the first time I was seeing it). I am not one that is drawn to frills and lace but I’m a sucker for Medieval dresses. I just think they are the most beautiful things and often daydream about wearing one. In this music video Taylor was wearing an awesome dress and I started to daydream about wearing it. It was a wonderful daydream – that is until I started to envision the kids trying to climb on me with their muddy shoes, and Bud trying to put stickers on it, and Babe holding a pen in her hand. Man, they get into everything!

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