Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why are they so smart?

My son is 4. I fear soon he will be smarter than me. I used to be an intelligent person. OK, never at the top of my class or anything but I was more at the top than the bottom. I liked when he was 2 and I could trick him. "No Bud, I don't know where that lollipop went." Now I can see his mind working out ways to best me. Last night he wanted to sleep at Grandma's house. I told him "No, not tonight, it's a school night." That has worked in the past so I was hoping to slip past a further argument. Not this time! He thought for only a second and said, "Mom, but you just bring me there in the morning anyway, why can't I just sleep there?" ACK! Excellent point son! Crap, how did he get so smart so fast?! I mean seriously! He's 4! What the heck are they teaching him in Pre-K? Is Mom Manipulation 101 part of the curriculum now?

I just hope I can keep my daughter naive a little longer. Although she's already showing signs of that manipulation gene...and she does have her brother for a teacher. I'm doomed!

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