Monday, February 14, 2011


Why is it that whenever I make a definitive statement it always ends up wrong? Whenever someone asks how my daughter does with sleeping I say “Oh she’s great! Sometimes she’ll sleep until 8am! It’s wonderful!” The very next day she’s awake at 6am! Invariably on a Saturday! My latest example comes today. A co-worker asked if I was still playing volleyball during lunch. I had tried to recruit her a few weeks ago but she resisted. It was solidified when she saw me the next day and saw the enormous bruises on my arms (it’s been a while since I played last). So today when she asked if I still played and I informed her I do she asked if I was still getting bruises. “Oh no!” I said. “That’s long gone. I built up my calluses and now I’m good to go!” Riiiight! Of course today – just mere hours after making that statement – I am sporting the loveliest of bruises on my wrist! It’s puffy and purple and just beautiful! Maybe one day I'll learn my lesson and keep my mouth shut!

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