Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer Ketchup

It's been way too long since I last posted so I think it's time to ketchup! I may be a little tired, forgive the horrible joke. And let's get away from all that heavy stuff I've been posting lately...on to the fun stuff!

See this...
 photo dress3_zps94415869.jpeg

This whole thing cost me $1.25! The dress was $1 and the belt .25 cents! Yeah. I KNOW! I love thrift stores! It's actually a size L blouse but with the belt you'd never know! Sometimes it pays to be short! 

We've been trying to get out and do something fun as much as possible. And what's more fun than swimming and playing in the water? Nothing. The answer is nothing! Here are a few shots of my bathing beauties. Wait, correction, Bud will not allow me to call him a beauty or any other form of beautiful. It's handsome or nothing! are a few shots of my bathing beauty daughter and my bathing handsome son from our recent trip to my friends house. 

 photo DSC_0290_zpsa802bad9.jpg
She may have been a little excited

 photo DSC_0328_zpse1089c9a.jpg
5 inches of water was never so fun!

 photo DSC_0319_zpsb290faf2.jpg
The epitome of bathing beauty!

 photo DSC_0287_zps03dfdf32.jpg
I can't think of a better way to sit in cold water!

 photo DSC_0333_zpsee7eacfc.jpg

Ready for anything...including enemy fire!

And most favorite video montage of the summer! Bud acting like his mother and doing jump after jump off the diving board at my other friends house! (Its good to have friends!)

We also had a fun filled day at the zoo!
 photo DSC_0347_zps130f1cc0.jpg
Everyone needs a picture by the worlds largest watering can!
(That's a's in the Guinness Book of World Records!)

 photo DSC_0357_zps373848f8.jpg
Bud couldn't wait to see the bald eagles! He was not disappointed!

 photo DSC_0364_zpsfe381067.jpg
She is physically incapable of looking directly at the camera! It's a good thing she is cute!

 photo DSC_0362_zpsbd7cd53a.jpg
Handsome as always!

Yeah, it's been a pretty good summer so far!