Friday, February 11, 2011

My Nemesis

The dreaded "D" word! Just thinking about it makes me shutter. Dinner. Sadly, most of my waking hours are consumed by that (should be) simple task. The most difficult hurdle is "what". You see our choices are severely limited by several factors. I have Celiac which precludes 75% of dinner recipes right from the get-go. Then we have my picky eating habits that have nothing to do with Celiac (I'm fully aware I'm most of the problem but stay with me here). Then we have my husband's picky eating habits. We also must contend with our horrendously bad decision making skills. And to put a nice finish to it we have the picky eating habits of my kids. If it's not mac and cheese my kids don't want to eat it. If it is mac and cheese Mr. MND doesn't want to eat it. 

I call Mr. MND everyday after work on my way home to determine "what". Our conversations generally go like this...
Me: So, got any ideas for dinner?

Mr. MND: No, do you?

ME: No, but I have chicken in the freezer we can use.

Mr. MND: Hey, how about you make chicken?

Me: Wow, how did you think that up? Great idea.

And that's generally where it ends. One of us usually ends up quoting Tommy Boy at some point too, "Do you want chicken, or...chicken?" At that point it's a fruitless exercise. Yes, there are a thousand ways to make chicken, I know, but take into account all the factors listed above and it becomes a nightmare.

I’ve tried many things to help overcome the dreaded “D”. I’ve made a list of all the dinners we like (sadly a very short list) and try to refer to that when I’m at a loss but it always seems like we had each of those yesterday. I’ve tried going online for new recipes but the recipes I like do not generally fit with what Mr. MND thinks of as being edible. What he does think of as being edible are usually laden with gluten. I’ve taken to asking everyone I see at the end of the day “So what are you making for dinner?”

Maybe when I grow up I’ll have an idea!

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