Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm either motivated or have a head injury.

Well, I suppose it’s official. I’m going to do a charity run in April. I’m so stupid. I haven’t run any significant distance since college (I don’t count running after rowdy toddlers and young children) but I was able to run a whole mile (!!) this morning without stopping. That was actually a lot better than I anticipated. It was cold, it was dark, but I actually did it! I mean I actually got out of my nice warm bed and threw myself into the cold to do physical activity! Excuse me while I pat myself on the back.

(I am fully aware that those reading this who are in shape are laughing at me for making such a big deal about a mile. I’m ok with that.)

I have a little less than two months (gasp!) to train myself to run 4 miles. I keep trying to convince my cousin (who has run this race for many years) to put on a harness and pull me on roller blades but so far she hasn't responded to my request. I’ll keep working on that, but in the meantime I figured I should probably have a plan B, so that involves a lot of early morning gasping for breath, cramps, shin splints, laying dead on the side of the road running.

I also convinced my co-worker to suffer with me workout with me during lunch. We have access to a very nice gym with a lot of nice new equipment that we should be taking advantage of.

I’m feeling all motivated and stuff. I may have a head injury. I’m waiting for me to get bored and give up. I’ve been able to keep myself working out for over a month so far so here’s hoping I don’t give up before April. (And now that I made it official - since writing it on the Internet totally counts as "official" - I'm hoping it will make me accountable and stick with it.)



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  1. You can do it. Keep it up. Good luck

  2. You'll do awesome! I want to start running again--I get winded just going up and down my stairs. You're almost convincing me to start again...almost. :)

  3. You should totally be proud of a mile. I simply *think* about running a mile and I get really proud of myself.

  4. That's awesome. Running is really difficult. Having a goal makes it doable, get going!

    Or you might have a head injury though...have you talked to a medical professional?

  5. You-can-do-it! I love being able to workout with A but I really do miss a good sweat session in a proper gym :( Run some for me!