Monday, February 20, 2012

Thought Vomit - Monday Edition

So you might not know this about me but I think about some really random crap. (I know! Hard to believe, right!) Most of the time I spare you guys the details but I have come across the perfect platform to spew my mind vomit all across the Internet. 

Thought Vomit Thursdays was brought to my attention by Josey over at “My Cheap Version of therapy”
 (Go ahead and click the link. She’s fun. The first link will bring you to her home page, the second will bring you to her first TVT post.)

Here goes…

So many things went on this weekend but none of them are really blog worthy on their own. Rather than regale you with the play-by-play of my new sandals (SQUEEEE) or my frying pan (woot woot) or the laugh-out-loud play-by-play of our game of Bubble Talk with our friends, I’ll leave you with these snippets of conversations and thoughts from the weekend.

Conversation Snippets:

Said by a 45-ish year old man to another man at a bowling alley last night
You just said “cockeyed!” (giggle, giggle, giggle) (I wish I was kidding)

Babe on why she cried in the shower
The water was shining in my eyes.

Bud on “winning”
Bud: Mommy, what number were you up the stairs?
Me: Um, I think I was third.
Bud: Ok everybody, third is the best, second is the worst. (Babe was second, of course.)

Some minor thoughts on my weekend:

Why are pots (not from Wal-Mart) so expensive? I think it should be illegal to charge $165 for a frying pan.

Bed, Bath & Beyond is like Toys R Us for grown-ups. Everything is shiny, all the best toys are WAY HIGH on the wall, and it has everything you EVER need! (Except pretty flannel sheets. I can’t be the only one who likes flannel sheets even in summer, right?)

The sandals in the box in my size were brand new. I mean, I wasn’t at a second hand store or anything but I mean no one even tried them on before! They were still wrapped in plastic with all the shoe stuffing in its proper place. I don’t know if I have ever come across shoes in this state! I think the angels were singing. But because they were wrapped up so nicely I only tried on one. I’m getting a little nervous about the fact that I didn’t try on the other one. Lazy Mistake # 374 for the year.

Good friends are worth the wait. It took 8 years and two kids but we finally have a good “couple” friends with kids that play together nicely. The kind of friends that will volunteer to watch your kids for you so you can go out (even if it’s only to the bowling alley to sub on your in-laws league), the kind that make plans to go out on your anniversary together because you got married 1 day apart, the kind that you can sit on the couch and giggle with while making said plans, the kind that will play stupid board games with you every weekend and laugh the entire time, the kind that has a son who your son thinks is the best thing since sliced bread (and vice versa). Yeah, we got lucky with D and L.

Hope you had a good weekend too.

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  1. What does "up the stairs" mean? The conversation was funny, but I didn't get really get it.

    And BB&B is bad, but William Sonoma is awful!!! $60 for a melon baller??? Are you kidding me?

  2. 3rd is best, 2nd is worst is the funniest thing I've ever heard! Totally something my 31 yo husband would say :)

  3. I agree with you on the pot thing. I refuse to pay more than $20 for one!

  4. I love Bud's logic on winning. Also, you give me hope that I will someday have a good couple friend!

  5. I went to Tuesday Morning for pots and couldn't believe how expensive they were there too. Ridiculous.

    Good couple friends are life altering. So happy you found them!

  6. Well hey there, welcome to TVT! First off, YAY for couples friends. Man they can be hard to find. Hold on to those buggers as tight as you can. Don't let them move away or anything. Second....where are you that you are buying sandals in Feb? Goodness I am like 'she is confused, it is winter, there are no sandals on the shelves'. Hahaha.

  7. I've never had flannel sheet, but I'd like a set. Though I'm currently still swooning over my new electric blanket.
    And glad you have amazing friends! I may have to change my hermit-like ways and search for some. :)