Friday, February 24, 2012

She's no Ryan Gosling

Have you ever had to have a straight-faced conversation about kettle bells with a nude woman in a locker room. It’s a little unsettling. I’ve never tried so hard to focus on someone’s eyes. And the more I tried to make my escape the more she found topics to discuss. It didn’t help that she was drying off her legs and then vigorously towel drying her hair. I had all I could do to not run screaming from the locker room yelling “MY EYES! MY EYES!” (Friends anyone?)

I actually started the conversation, but in my defense, when I asked her my question the towel was wrapped around her body. I didn’t expect her to whip it off and start doing jumping jacks in front of me! When I change I still cower into a corner and pray no one comes over as I switch into my sports bra. Granted, I’m much less reserved than when I was younger (childbirth will do that to you) but I still don’t want a show when I ask if she’ll be teaching a kettle bells class this summer.



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  1. NO.

    In high school I went to a flag corps summer camp at Troy State University. There were a few hundred girls from various high schools, and for the week that we were there, we were assigned to dorm rooms. One girl on our floor INSISTED on walking around the halls completely naked after leaving the shower. She'd wrap the towel around her hair and then "air dry," as she said. Just - no.

  2. It was worth it if you got to search for that picture of Ryan Gosling. Um, YUM

  3. The overly comfortable being naked around strangers thing completely baffles me. I will never understand. What's so difficult about moving things along to keep covreed, particularly when in a conversation?

    I'm so sorry you had to go through that...the good news is that it made excellent blog fodder!

  4. I would have been HORRIFIED if someone walked around naked in high school--seriously, put that AWAY! As for this post--HILARIOUS! I know the old[er] women at the Y always seem perfectly comfortable traipsing around and now that you mention it, I HAVE seen them stop to chat while..."airing out..." I KNOW that when I get older I am not going to care about much, but I hope I NEVER subject people to what I can only assume will be a nightmare! YOU need to get a facebook account (unless you have one and I am too dumb to find it!) because I wanted to send people to your page! I want those who read MY blog to read YOUR blog, too! Especially since I am convinced that we share a brain at times...:o)

  5. I like being naked at home, but don't run around naked in public because a) there a lot of perverts out there, b) it makes people uncomfortable and c) it's too damn cold here (alberta). I'm with you, I would not want someone shaking their junk around in front of me... unless it was my husband maybe.

  6. My list of rules for being less "Spudly" prohibits me from saying anything other than that was a very funny post. But you are missing out on some GREAT comments... my agent says I have to not be so blunt this year, dammit.