Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catching up

So we've had a busy few days. Let's start with the bad news and work our way to the good. 

Last night Bud was playing tag at the park and turned to run away and smacked right into a pole! He turned ash white and started to vomit. Awesome. He has a grade 2 concussion. He's doing ok but I have to keep a close watch on him. I had to wake him up every two hours to make sure he was responsive (he was) and we are keeping a cold compress on the bump which has really helped the swelling. Hopefully he doesn't show any symptoms in the next 7 days. 

 photo 7FC46B02-EC46-4D84-88F8-138F27C66A18-1247-000000FBD325D8CC_zpse412a781.jpg

Let's not dwell and make me freak out that my 6 year old has a concussion, shall we move on?

Moving chronologically, I got my grade in my Shakespeare class yesterday. I got an A-!! Look...

 photo 6A3B1FD0-380C-4CF8-816A-00AA173EA6BD-1247-000000FBF88E7814_zps866f2ed2.jpg

For real, that's MY grade! In Shakespeare. Whoa!

Now to a real scary fun topic! Babe is officially done with nursery school! How is that even possible? She can (mostly) write her name and can do all the skills she should be doing and now she's ready to move on to pre-k in the fall. Holy crap! She had an end-of-year program this past weekend where she looked way older than she should. 

Heartbreaker in the making photo DSC_0177_zps7e3ca9e1.jpg
She has the best little smiles

Still beautiful photo DSC_0176_zps0f49c7b7.jpg
Where'd my little girl go?

She's so beautiful photo DSC_0167_zps4e61a03b.jpg
She's so beautiful...if I do say so myself

The program was the typical mix of adorable and painful, but there were some moments that stole the show.

The moment she spotted us in the crowd. She was sooo happy to see us right up front photo DSC_0182_zpsc43cf48a.jpg
The moment she spotted us in the crowd. 
She was soooo excited that we were front and center!

Anyone know the song Tooty-ta? lol! photo DSC_0260_zpscde68500.jpg
Anyone familiar with the song Tooty-Ta? Hilarious!

Possibly my favorite picture photo DSC_0222_zps3b020e5b.jpg
Possibly my favorite picture. 
(The little boy is our family friend .)

Love this little smirk photo DSC_0199_zps2b360046.jpg
That little smile!
She looks just like my sister-in-law in this picture. That's a very good thing! :-)



  1. She is absolutely beautiful!! That is really scary about Bud, but as you say don't dwell on that part. Just glad he's doing well now!

  2. She really is stunning. :| <-- that's my serious face.

    I hope Bud recovers quickly. How were YOU during the concussion incident, mama?

  3. She's beautiful! And soooooo grown up :(

    And oh em gee, I would have freaked the eff out if I were you and saw that happen to Bud. I'm so sorry you had to/still have to deal with that! How so very scary.

  4. And Good Job on your grade! Awesome!

  5. Poor guy! Congrats on you A-! Woo hoo! Your daughter is gorgeous!!