Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dirty Girl 2013

Before this weekend I'd never imagined it was possible to get mud in the places I had mud. Let's just say I'm no longer going to complain when I go to the beach and get sand in my bathing suit. But dear lord it was worth it!! 

My friends and I participated in the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Scranton, PA this weekend. If you ever get the chance...DO IT!!! You will not be sorry. 

Words don't really do the experience justice, so I'll leave it to the pictures.

We started out looking like this...
 photo 2_zps562f04a5.jpg

and this
 photo 100_0520_zps8e789c1f.jpg

So clean!

 (Smidge)        (Jamalee)
 photo 100_0513_zps4d76a269.jpg

But we quickly got to the mud!

Dance party in the woods!! Because...why not?
 photo 100_0524_zpsb0564bcd.jpg

Jamalee's face (the one in the back) capture's her feeling about the net climb absolutely perfectly!
 photo 100_0568_zpsa37cdd6c.jpg

Made it!
 photo 100_0576_zps43f25ef7.jpg

Preparing for the slide
 photo 100_0592_zps9e70b177.jpg

It's at this moment that I realize...Oh CRAP!
 photo 7_zpse20a4e86.jpg

But it was WORTH it!!
 photo 8_zps23aab620.jpg

 photo 6_zps28fee840.jpg

Her expressions are priceless!
 photo 100_0602_zpsdea2f119.jpg

Not sure who did it wrong, me and Jamalee, or Smidge and her sisters. 
(I think me and J got it right)
 photo 100_0607_zps91a3a936.jpg

Almost to the end
 photo DG7_zpse7bc0051.jpg

One more mud pit before the finish line...and a little extra mud for Smidge's face
 photo DG8_zpsed3a0ef8.jpg

I love these ladies!
 photo 100_0629_zpsa6219946.jpg

Babe thought she wanted a kiss
 photo DG9_zps95f6eb78.jpg

Bud was too smart for that!
 photo DG10_zps8bed9bf4.jpg

They had no idea how close they were to being DIRTY! :-)
 photo DG5_zps10590512.jpg

 photo DG6_zpsd884e7b9.jpg

Still fun
 photo DG13_zps3b0380d8.jpg

Awww yeeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!
 photo DG1_zps7ed9eef5.jpg

I tried getting video to embed but it doesn't seem to be working so I'm going to ask you to click these link (GASP! I know it's difficult but it's fun, I promise)

So as you can see it was an AMAZING experience and one that I can't wait to do again! Once we were done they had a tent with garden hoses (freezing cold garden hoses) to wash off. It was like a locker room on steroids. (I've seen things I can't unsee. **Shudder**) So we all did the best we could to get as much mud off as possible and change into clothes that didn't have 3 inches of mud on them. However, I still had to contend with actually cleaning all of my stuff once I got home.

My bathtub took a beating!
 photo 6E5FA671-E776-4A96-8A16-A720B30F9A50-11383-0000099A11E279A9_zps7cee12e5.jpg

I can't believe how "clean" I was able to get them!
 photo 5716E173-2AD4-4878-8A9C-EA371F12885D-11383-0000099A3467495F_zpsf6b10c67.jpg

My shirt is now a nice gray color (sorry, I didn't get a post-wash picture) but it was ALL worth it!! 

And while I was busy rinsing out my clothes someone found my iPod and had a little fun
 photo 0AFEF191-61A3-42D9-8BC9-ECF3F1503B07-11383-0000099A2333035C_zps99e9e0fc.jpg



  1. I just love these pictures. Your WHITE smile under that mud cracks me up. And the pic of you guys attacking your clean kids is AWESOME.

    Seems like you have a pretty solid group of gfs too. Perfection!

  2. Ack!!! All that mud is like my worst nightmare! :) It looks like you had a blast though. I cannot believe those bathtub pics. Love the Babe selfies, too haha

  3. That looks like SO much fun!! Glad you enjoyed it! Those bathtub pics are giving me OCD nightmares though. Did the tub recover??