Thursday, May 26, 2011

Onward and upward!

So last night Bud graduated from Pre-k. We sat and listened to him and his classmates sing graduation songs. Wait, that’s not entirely accurate. We sat and listened to Bud’s teacher sing the graduation songs because I think some of the kids may have been moving their lips but they sure as heck weren’t making any sound. We also listened to them count to 100. That was excruciating! But regardless, they were all very cute and we all laughed and applauded them.

BUT THE BEST PART because I’m super competitive and my kid is smarter than yours* was when the teacher handed Bud his diploma and then she turned to the crowd and told everyone “If anyone has any questions about Geography, they can just ask Bud because he knows everything there is to know about it.” (Insert fist-pumping smiley face here) See, the reason this is so great is that she didn’t make any comments about the other kids, just mine! Yay for me, um, I mean Bud!  I am very proud of him! (In case you couldn’t guess.) 

Oh, and for the record, he definitely picked his nose while he was standing on stage, along with karate chopping the classmate next to him and doing the Crane move from Karate Kid, as well as some other kung-fu type moves the entire time. Kindergarten here we come!

*Don't worry, I would never say that to your face.


  1. Go YOU (er, I mean Bud!) I would totally be the same way. I will be that competitive parent that you love to hate. Tee hee hee.


  2. Hey don't take that Karate Kid Crane move lightly. Not to many can master it. Be proud. Now if he can only perfect paint the fence he may be a black belt soon.

  3. Congrats Mama! That sounds awesome! And way to go, Bud.