Thursday, May 12, 2011

How to make a competative parent feel good...

Last night we had a Kindergarten Parent Information Meeting at Bud’s school. (Holy crap I am going to have a child entering kindergarten!!!) They did a pretty decent job giving the presentation and there definitely was some good information. At one point they were talking about the kindergarten curriculum and saying what the goals were by the end of the year. They’ll want the kids to be able to count to 20 (Bud is currently up to 100), they’ll want them to know all of their letters (Bud had that down like a year ago and is now able to say the alphabet backwards) and know all of the letter sounds (Bud’s got that down too). After it was all over my husband and I were discussing the meeting and he said to me, “So, after listening to the curriculum do you feel like maybe Bud is ready to move right to 1st grade?” I burst out laughing because I thought the exact same thing. Now I know that kids learn at different levels and I know my kid is the smartest who ever lived that not every child is going to pre-k right now but I was hoping for a little higher expectations for the year. Thankfully we had a chance to talk to the teacher that we are willing to kill to get hoping he gets and she said she has high expectations and will work with each child on the appropriate level. That made me feel better.

I try really hard not to brag about Bud but he is amazingly curious. He loves to learn and asks all the right questions. I’m not saying he’s the perfect child yes I am but he makes it seem so effortless and I can only hope that he keeps his curiosity and applies himself throughout the years. Of course, he’s my kid and I love him more than anything so perhaps that makes me slightly biased (ya think!) but I am so proud of him!

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  1. I dont want to get on a soapbox but i think that current curriculum is dumbed down. My kid sounds just like yours... She knew all of those skills even before she started prek. Ive seriously thought abt pushing to get her skipped a grade.