Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is T-Ball over yet?

I haven’t written about t-ball lately because I’m trying to avoid it. Rationally I know he is not yet 5 years old and little kids have the attention span of a gnat (maybe shorter) but I find it incredibly difficult not to yell out “Bud, pay attention” or some variation of that every 2 seconds. Here is why (please keep in mind that each of these photos were taken while another child was batting)…

 Might I point out that the batter is in the other direction.
(Also, he will be 5 in two months, his shorts that day were size 24 months, and they fit him...really well. His not-yet-2 year old sister was also wearing size 24 months that day)

Still facing the wrong way, this time picking grass.

I couldn't get my camera up fast enough for this one. This is him finishing a somersault while the ball was being hit by another player. A SOMERSAULT! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD DURING A GAME!

Need I say more?


  1. Tball...its like herding cats!

  2. Yes Dayna, like herding cats covered in Vaseline while smelling catnip! Maybe worse!

  3. OH MY GOD!!!!! I LOVE THIS SOMERSAULT ONE!!! LOVE IT!!!! Don't worry to much tball is BORING for everyone, I'm sure he'll be playing like a Yankee in no time...or I guess he can always go out for gymnatics ;-)