Friday, May 13, 2011


We (meaning my husband and his parents) are starting a big project this weekend. The time has come to redo the dining room! Just typing those words gives me butterflies in my stomach for all the excitement it causes me. Really. I’m serious. My dining room is great, except that it looks like someone was high when they painted it. It’s red (I HATE red) and the previous owners “attempted” (yes, quotes are necessary to convey the utter failure) to do some type of venetian finish to it (or so I’ve been told by people in the know). Pictures don’t really do it justice because from far away it looks half-way normal. It’s not. It’s ugly. It’s horrible. It’s RED! So as I type my dear husband and his parents are starting to rip all the old plaster and lath and horrible venetian finish and most importantly the RED off the walls so we can start fresh and beautiful and NOT RED!  I will try to be diligent about taking progress pictures. Here is the before:

*** Please note that this picture was taken before we bought the house. I don't generally keep exercise balls in my dining room.***

Also note my beautiful bay window. That’s my pride and joy. I didn’t build it or have anything to do with it but I’m claiming it as my own. It’s my favorite place in the entire house. We placed our home-made bird feeder in the garden right outside the window and it’s perfect for Babe to view her favorite fauna (birds, squirrels, and bunnies) and some of her not so favorite insects…bumblebees! But it’s my favorite place to spend time with her and hear her squeal with delight at each blue jay and squirrel.

I hope that the transformation lives up to my expectations. They are high (my expectations, not anyone who comes within 50 feet of my walls with a paint brush) and I hope that I have the ability to bring it to fruition.

More to come…

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