Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Husband

My husband is a few months older than me. Three months and 27 days to be exact. This morning as I laid in bed and realized it was his birthday (the brain cells take a few minutes to get fully fired up) my first thought was to tease him. He’s 29 today so the clock is ticking to the big 3-0. Thankfully I caught myself before actually making some snarky comment. You see, whenever I try to tease him, or tickle him, or whatever, he’s amazingly adept at turning it around on me and making it so much worse for me than I did for him. So really, sparing him the teasing was just in my best interest.

Instead, I wished him Happy Birthday and rolled back over to sleep for a few more minutes while he got ready for work. That seemed much better than teasing him!

Happy Birthday Husband! I strive to be as lean as you are when I turn 29!

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