Thursday, May 19, 2011


Bud goes to two pre-k programs. One is in the morning three days a week and is a private school (as Bud calls it, “little school”). The other is every afternoon in the public school (aka big school). We were apprehensive about sending him to both but the teachers are amazingly wonderful at the little school and he received the best education there last year in the 3 year old program. We were hesitant to give it up. However, the big school gives a great introduction to “going to school” and really gets them ready for “handling” kindergarten. The little school is more focused on education and the public school focuses more on social learning (not that they don’t get a good education, just the focus on education isn’t as intense). Being that Bud LOVES to learn we took the jump and decided to enroll him in both. I have to say I’m really glad we did. We are very happy with the little school for the quality of education he received, it definitely shows, and we are happy that he’s acclimated to the public school and will have no trouble transitioning to kindergarten.  

I tell you all of that to preface this. He graduates from his little school next week. I thought he went through most of June like the big school (because they follow the same calendar) but we got his report card and final evaluation from the little school in his backpack yesterday. It totally took me by surprise. I’m not saying they didn’t tell us this before, they definitely did, but I kind of didn’t let myself process it enough to realize it was NEXT WEEK! Holy. Crap. I’m going to have a child in kindergarten!

Wasn't this yesterday?  

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