Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thought Vomit Thursday

So you might not know this about me but I think about some really random crap. (I know! Hard to believe, right!) Most of the time I spare you guys the details but I have come across the perfect platform to spew my mind vomit all across the Internet.

Thought Vomit Thursdays
 was brought to my attention by Josey over at “My Cheap Version of therapy” (Go ahead and click the link. She’s fun.) Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Here goes…

Did you know that the thick rubber bands that come on fresh broccoli make excellent child locks for your cabinets? I've used only those rubber bands on my kitchen sink cabinets and my kids have never gotten in.

(Thank you husband for attending to my every whim and not asking questions when I text you and ask you to take a picture of our cabinets...and then ask you to retake it so it's closer. You are good to me!)


We had frost this morning. I'm so not ready for frost! Where did summer go? On the bright side, I do love the fall foliage! 


My aunt and cousins came to visit last summer (summer 2010) and after they left we discovered that one of my cousins left a pair of his socks behind. He was starting college that fall so I decided that I would hang onto them and then mail them to him a few weeks into college (who doesn't love getting packages at school??) He is now starting his sophomore year and I still have his socks in my work bag. I carry them with me to work every day. Still haven't mailed them. Maybe he'll get them before he graduates if he comes back to visit me before then.


As you all can see, I changed my background a few days ago. I decided to go all crazy and make even more changes in my life. This time it was my hair. I’ve had long hair forever. I can count on one hand (and not use all my fingers) the amount of times I have cut it short. This time is, by far, the shortest I’ve ever cut it.

I was looking back at old pictures to see if I could find a picture of my sister (she had a similar cut) and I realized that everyone in my family has the same hair. Every single female has had this exact cut at one point or another. It concerns me that my sister had the same style in 1999 but instead of calling it “outdated” I’m going to call it “Timeless.” So without further ado….



Bud's reaction was "Mommy, you look funny" and then later on, "Mommy, you look weird." Thanks Bud!
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  1. You have curly hair that's actually nice. Jealous!

    I have to blowdry and straighten my hair because my curls look more like bedhead.

  2. Lol! I love your son's reaction, though it actually looks so cute.

    And I'll have to try those rubber bands. My 1-year-old has been breaking the current elastics I've been using.

  3. Love the new background and header!! Change is fun. :)

  4. Love it, you look so much like your mom!!! I was thinking of cutting my hair that short too, but I'm not sure yet?!

    Can't wait for tomorrows flash back:0)

  5. I love the hair! I would give vital body organs to be able to have curly hair like that.

    I like your header and the background. I would love to change mine, but don't have the time.