Monday, October 24, 2011


Sometimes I wish I could keep my mouth shut and stop trying to be so damn nice. Being nice just gets you into trouble! Trouble, such as all of a sudden inviting 17 people over for dinner after trick-or-treating. Good job Lil, good job!!

(I should preface this story with a little background information. I live in a rural area and most people live outside of the village—we live in the village—so when it’s time to trick-or-treat most people have to drive in and then walk around town – or they just keep driving from house to house. Really. Sigh.)

It all started innocently enough at a baby shower on Saturday, “Hey M, why don’t you bring your son trick or treating with us again like we did last year? I’ll make pulled pork so we can eat when we are done.” Great plan! A nice, easy dinner with good friends after the cold walk of trick-or-treating.

Then another friend who lives outside of town asked what we were doing so I invited her as well. As I was saying “come to my house” I realized that she comes as a packaged deal with her sister-in-law (luckily I really like the sister-in-law and her kids) so I had to say “And, of course, B is welcome to come with her kids too.”

As I was leaving, the preggo mama (who also has a daughter a couple of days older than Babe) asked what we were doing for Halloween (at this point I feel I should mention that I was invited to this shower more because I’m friends with all of her friends, less because I’m friends with her.) and now that I just invited three of her good friends I can’t NOT invite her! Don’t get me wrong, I like her too and am happy that they want to go together but WHY OH WHY did I have to open my big mouth about dinner?? And now I’m going to be expected to decorate! I don’t DO decorations! Last year I was lucky we got those fake spider webs on our front porch. Honestly, I was hoping to avoid that this year. Now I’m going to have at least 17 people (I say “at least” because knowing me I won’t keep my mouth shut and I’ll manage to invite even more people) and they are all going to be hungry!

If you've been reading me long enough you know that I am NOT a fan of making dinner, NOR a fan of hosting parties. I suck at both and honestly I'm a little panicky at the idea. I wonder if they'll notice if I serve candy as the main course?


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  1. Haha...I do the same thing to myself sometimes! Just remember, it's because of what a NICE person you are! Keep it simple, and put Bud and Babe in charge of decorations!! How about some orange and black paper chains (which they can make) and some baby pumpkins. Light a few candles and you're all set! Good luck, and have fun:)

  2. LOL :) Oh noooo!! :)
    Sounds like it could be fun, and the good thing is: You KNOW AND LIKE the people coming to your house. And they know and like you ... so they should already know that you're not Martha Stewart and not to expect too much..
    (which I'm only concluding, as I have not been a follower of yours for very long!)

  3. Well at least you already know what you're cooking! That's the hardest part for me is deciding on a meal. And making pulled pork for a few isn't much different than making it for many. So you have that going for you as well :)

  4. At least pulled pork is easy to make. Of course, it can be pricey.

    All I can say is...GOOD LUCK!

  5. You'll be fine. Pulled pork is easy. Get a few bags of chips and there you go. Maybe some hot apple cider and you've got yourself a regular ol' party with very little work. Good luck, but it sounds like fun.

  6. Pulled pork and a Snickers bar will satisfy the entire crowd, surely.

    I can't get over the fact that you kept saying village though. Where do you live? I'm fascinated. In my head you live in town like on Little House and the Prarie. I love it.

    You'll have a great time. Good luck!

  7. Don't panic...I will walk you through each step, since (obviously) I am throwing a Halloween party too! Here is what I have so far..

    turkey hot dogs cut into 3 piece and wrapped in cresent dough: look like little mummies and the kids love them

    Cheese sticks: cut in half and fray the ends (making them look like ghosts) You can even add eyes with frosting!

    Juice boxes: wrapped in white tape to look like mummies

    fruit salad...nothing cute, but want the kids to eat something healthy :)

    7 layer dip (sooo easy) with chips stuck on the top to make it into a graveyard

    chicken tenders: with dabs of ketchup, they look like fingers

    cheese and crackers...again add cute decorations like a mini pumpkin to make it festive

    spinach dip in a bread bowl (looks like a witch's pot)

    booze...lots and lots of booze :)

    good luck, I will fill you in more when I pick what else we will have!