Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Flashback

Every few months we have a family get-together at my Grandma’s house. (It’s a big deal; there are a lot of us.) My Aunt who lives on the west coast doesn’t get to attend, as a cross-country flight every few months isn’t in the budget. But this time? This time it’s different! We’ve convinced her to make the trip! I can’t even tell you how excited we all are!

I am dedicating today’s flashback to her. How can you not love her??

I really should just call this weekly feature "80's and early 90's Flashback." I'm just drawn to the high fashion of that era. I can't get enough!
(On another note: my parents still have their beach mat like that. And both of those boys are in college now!)

But nothing compares to the high fashion of the 50's!!
(My aunt has always been a fashionista!) 

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  1. How wonderful! Have fun with your aunt... I wonder what she'll wear...? ;)

  2. Looks dated but If I am not mistaken, that might just be my hood where auntie is sitting.

  3. Great old photos! I think your aunt has my white legs. :)