Thursday, October 27, 2011

Better Than Amateur


I started to get ready to post my Friday Flashback. Except it’s not Friday. Boy that sucks!! The Flashback will have to wait for tomorrow but since I’m all discombobulated and have been really slacking with the feature I was oh-so-excited for just a few weeks ago I figured it’s time to finally post my Better Than Amateur photo prompt! Yay for proscrastination!

So I imagine you all forget what my prompt was (I don’t know why you would, I mean, don’t you commit everything I say to memory?)(Umm, actually, that would be helpful if you could commit everything I say to memory and then you can remind me of stuff. Thanks.) so I shall remind you. It was to take a picture of something inanimate that has special meaning to you.

For me, it’s my backyard swing.

When my husband and I were starting to look for houses we came across the perfect spot. It had a ton of land, lots of privacy, and although the house wasn’t anything spectacular it was big enough and had a few perks. One of those perks was  big swing in a big oak tree in the backyard. I feel in love. I’ve always loved swings (my next goal is a porch swing…but first I need a porch) but seeing that swing in the backyard made me know instantly that whatever house we bought I needed one of those.

We didn’t end up buying that house but I never forgot about that swing. And because I have an amazing husband he never forgot about it either. Shortly after we bought our house, during a routine shopping trip to our home away from home (Lowe’s), he picked up all the fixin’s for a wonderful rope swing. When we got home he pulled out his giant extension ladder and hung it for me.

My lazy days of summer are not so lazy for my husband. Every chance I get I make him push me on the swing (we can’t pump ourselves because it’s too low to the ground – I insisted it be low enough so Bud and Babe could use it with ease, now we are lucky we don’t scrape out butts as we swing. Whatever, I have a fun swing. Stop judging!)

Although I freely (proudly and loudly) admit that I have so much fun on that swing, the thing that brings me the most joy is knowing my kids are making childhood memories on it. (Like last summer when I twisted Bud so much that he got so dizzy and threw up. Seriously. We had macaroni for dinner that night and he waited until we were inside on my carpet. Thank God for Berber and Resolve carpet cleaner!)

If you'd like to join me in my quest to become Better Than Amateur please take a picture about something inanimate that has special meaning to you and then write about it and tell me. If anyone wants to join me in this quest I will figure out how to do a link thing and it will make me feel all special. Feel free to grab my Better Than Amateur button on the side bar to add to your post.


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  1. Awww - we had a tire swing at my first house growing up. I have so many great memories on that swing.

  2. Wow I say Kudos to your husband for climbing that ladder. I get queazy on step stools...