Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Next New York Ranger

I know Monday is usually reserved for weekend recaps but I forgot my camera card yesterday, so today will just have to do.

We had a really great weekend! On Saturday Bud participated in a “Try Hockey for Free” program. He did it last year and LOVED it but it was too late in the season to sign up. When I gave him the choice to play hockey or do karate this year he didn’t hesitate! Hockey is in his blood! (Ok, so I may have poured it in there myself, but nonetheless, it’s in there!)

Since it was a “try hockey” program they provided all the gear he needed (donated by the NY Rangers, thank you very much! See there are so many reasons to love them!). We haven’t done too much skating in the last few years (did you know skating with a baby strapped to your chest is dangerous?) so Bud hasn’t really refined his technique. This is all to say that he falls…a LOT…when he’s on the ice. Nevertheless, Bud didn’t care! He had a smile plastered on his face the entire time!

And because the program is so awesome, and the coaches are amazing, and they know what they are doing, they allowed the newbies to use chairs to keep their balance on the ice. This worked out great because he was able to get the hang of how to move his feet without falling every 10 seconds (not that it did away with all falling…there was still falling, with chairs on top of kids…but all in all it was great).
The only downside was Bud got the hang of using the chair and he really started to motor around the ice and was having so much fun. Why is this a downside you ask? Because he wouldn’t give up the chair, even though he was totally ready to do it chair free. Finally, at the end, they did sprints across the rink and the head coach told him he couldn't use the chair anymore. He said “OK” and skated off just fine. The coach just looked at him and raised his hands like “Why the heck were you using the chair if you can skate?” That’s my boy! Taking the comfortable route because it’s more fun and you can go faster! 

It's going to be a fun season!

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  1. Yes! I'm so glad your boy is interested in hockey. Too bad it is such an expensive sport, huh?

    Oh, and he'll be a future Buffalo Sabres. ;)

  2. He looks awesome...look out NHL

  3. LOVE IT! Since my hubby is from Vancouver (and played hockey there in junior, then in college, and for a little while pro) I know the minute we have a boy, it will be hockey everything!

    Can't wait to hear more about the season!