Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NHL, here we come!

“Mom, I wasn’t the best skater out there, but I did really good.” – Bud, after hockey practice.

How can you not love this kid?? I was so proud of him! He had a smile on his face the entire time and didn’t give up, even when he couldn’t stay on his feet for more than a few seconds. Even if he got a little mad when the coach “tagged” him while playing tag on the ice, he still had a really good attitude about the whole thing! (I don’t know who he gets his competitive streak from! It certainly couldn’t be me! Nope! Not at all!) He sometimes gets upset (slight understatement) when he’s not the best at something, or if it’s hard, but he just loves being on the ice so much that he can’t help but smile and have a good time.

As for myself, I took the easy way out and got there early and dressed him in the lobby area. I totally chickened out, but whatever. And I’m really glad I didn’t go into the locker room because I definitely would have gone into the wrong one. When we were there a few weeks ago they used a different one and I definitely would have used that one, instead of the one that they were supposed to use. See! My fear was not without merit. However, I did end up going into the locker room with Bud right before he went on the ice but that was because the coach told me to follow him so he could give Bud more equipment. And yes, there were other mothers in there. Crisis averted. But I’m still making my husband do it from now on!
Overall, it was a very good experience. I’m looking forward to the season. 

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  1. love this! little boys should play hockey! :)

  2. Yeah! What a rock star!!!! I can't wait to see more pics of him on the ice!!!!

    ps...nice work mom ;)