Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Flashback

After volleyball last night (which was super fun and we KICKED BUTT!) my friend’s daughter was doing some of her cheerleader moves (like toes touches and pikes). Never one to be outdone by a middle schooler, I kicked off my flip flops (and yes I had socks on. Didn’t you know it’s ok for “athletes” to wear socks and flip flops after a game?? It is!) and started showing her up with my toes touches and pikes. (Yes, I can still actually do toe touches and pikes. I even got more height than her. I was a gymnast until I was 10! Gymnasts can do stuff like that!. Then I started taunting her and made her cry. I also pulled her hair and stuck out my tongue.) Now that I’m all in the athleticky (I love making up words) spirit I thought today’s flashback would be a great time to break out these gems. I KNOW you are all jealous of those leg warmers...and the belt!!

Bonus points to anyone who knows why "as a gymnast" I'm wearing the belt.

 Please make note of the walkman in my sisters hand. We were both uber-cool!!!

You may also find the setting of these pictures familiar. Our entry way was a perfect "stage" and we used it for all of our productions! 

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  1. LOL! You're so mean!!
    And you look like Rainbow Bright!

  2. I agree with KSK. You look like Rainbow Brite!

  3. Belt...didn't one of those famous 80's gymnasts wear them? I can't think of names right now.

    On a completely unrelated note...I am taking my oldest daughter tomorrow to see her sister (from her dad) in a gymnastics meet.

  4. Wow I can't believe how excited your sister looks. I bet your parents had a hard time holding her pictures..

  5. Your flashback pictures are always fabulous. I love your sister's expression.

    My girls like doing gymnastics, but they are not fond of practicing.