Thursday, July 21, 2011


Back in June when I wrote my post about 101 things I mentioned I have a friend named Smidge and promised I would write more about her. I probably won’t do her justice with the written word but I’ll do my best.

First off, that’s not her real name (because WOW, that would be cause for years of expensive therapy right there) but it’s the only thing I call her. If I said her real name to anyone in my family they would have NO idea who I was talking about, but say Smidge and everyone’s on the same page.

Smidge and I met playing college softball. She hated me because I stole “her” spot at third (she never really had it but that was because I joined the team on the night they were trying everyone else out for that spot and she wanted it BADLY.) She’s a catcher, a great catcher, and it was so much better that she caught instead of playing 3rd but at first she totally hated me for that. But thankfully I soon won her over with my charm and amazingness and we’ve been great friends ever since!

Shortly after she stopped hating me and we started to hang out she did something that made me know officially she was my kind of friend. We were sitting on her dorm steps and we were having a conversation. She was talking and talking (and talking…because that’s Smidge) and she noticed something on her arm and started to pick at it. As she did this her words started breaking off as she worked to figure out just what the heck was on her arm (I could literally see her train of thought as this was happening). Finally she just stopped talking altogether and just started flicking at her arm. I waited a second because she clearly did not realize she stopped talking in the middle of a sentence and watching her flick at her arm was highly entertaining. Finally I said “Smidge!” and she popped her head up and was like “Oh, did I stop talking? Sorry, there was something shiny on my arm. I’m easily distracted by shiny objects.” See, now this is the type of person who I can be friends with! She’s just so random and fun and my favorite way to describe her is “a ball of fire.” She’s short and spunky and I love her dearly! We once sat at a softball dinner reciting the entire dialogue of A League of Their Own, much to the dismay of our teammates. I think we made it through half of the movie before the dinner was over. How can this girl not be my best friend!!!

Another reason I know she’s my best friend is because she finds so much joy in finding me new things that I can eat. The other day she texted me a picture of the new Gluten free Rice Krispies. She’s awesome! I ran right out, bought a box, and made Rice Krispie Treats. (Thank you husband for making them for me!) Do you know how long it was without Rice Krispie Treats? TOO LONG!

There are many things to admire about her and so many things I could say but I think the thing that I am most thankful for in my friendship with her is I know she’ll always be honest with me. I can bounce things off of her and know she won’t sugar coat anything. The saying I appreciate the most from her is “Suck it up!” Sometimes I need a good slap in the face and I know I can count on her.

It’s impossible not to smile while she’s around. She’s a ball of energy and everyone should have a Smidge of their own.

So tell me, why is your best friend the “best”?

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  1. Your Smidge sounds awesome!

    I have a Smidge...actually she's my "we." That's what we've called each other since high school because we went everywhere together. Our parents finally started asking if the two of us would do chores and errands because they knew we came as a package deal!

  2. Sounds like a great friend. Glad you've got her in your life.