Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Bud...thank God that is over!

Bud turned 5 on Sunday. (That’s a “holy crap moment” if there ever was one!) My SIL and BIL were playing in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament that day and depending on if their teams won or lost determined their next game so needless to say everything was up in the air as far as celebrating his birthday with the family. We decided to do dinner to give as much leeway as possible.

We decided to get pizza, mostly because not knowing when everyone would be able to show up would make it incredibly difficult to plan cooking times but also because Bud LOVES pizza. We also planned to get an ice cream cake at the local ice cream parlor. (Really, that’s my kind of party planning!) So I get the word that everyone is on their way to our house so I order the pizza and head out to get the ice cream cake. Oh, I should mention that there was no need to call ahead and order the cake because they always have a freezer pre-stocked with all sorts of ice cream cakes and they will write on it immediately while you wait. Awesome.

I brought Bud with me so he could pick out his cake. We walk in and there are 3 cakes. THREE. And of course they are all super large sheet cakes. You could feed the New York Rangers hockey team with these things! You may have even been able to hid one of players inside! Ok, I’m exaggerating, but you’d at least be able to fit about two pairs of ice skates. I had 11 people coming and zero freezer space. No way am I A) paying for a super large ice cream cake that we will eat a portion measuring approx. 1/100 of the full size and 2) getting a cake that will have so much extra left and having no freezer space to accommodate for later consumption!

Now, I’m kind of freaking out because I have people traveling to my house as I stand there and my options are limited. As usual when I’m freaking out I call my husband. As usual I get the response, “I don’t know what to tell you.” Thanks! So I ran across the street to the grocery store because I vaguely remember seeing ice cream cakes in their freezer section. My husband didn’t think their cakes would be any good but time is a wastin’ and my choices are even more limited. I just need something to stick candles in! So I grabbed the cake out of the freezer and start to walk away. That’s when I noticed the cake was not in fact ice cream like any normal person would think when pulling a cake out of a freezer section. No, this cake was a regular chocolate cake…frozen rock solid. Awesome! No way am I getting this cake defrosted in time. It’s fully iced, it’s not like I can microwave it or anything. Ok, now I’m pulling out my hand gun wracking my brain trying to think what else they will eat and what the hell I can stick a candle in.

Meanwhile, Bud must have been on a sugar high because he was literally bouncing off the freezer cases and getting in everyone’s way. So I stuffed him in a freezer and shut the door. I decided to get him involved in the decision to keep him occupied. He chose Neapolitan ice cream. I know that wasn’t everyone’s favorite but it’s his birthday and I don’t really care anymore. I can stick a candle in it and everyone will eat it. Then Bud spots King Cones. You know the kind with vanilla ice cream and nuts and chocolate on the top? Yeah, those. Now he decides we definitely need to go with those instead. The family will eat them and I just don’t care anymore. I remember seeing a container of ice cream in our freezer so I figure at the least I can stick a candle in that.

We get the pizza and get home just in time for everyone to be pulling up. I don’t have an ounce of freezer space to put the two boxes of cones so I give up and stick them in the fridge. After dinner (where there was not enough to go around. Did I mention I’m a really great planner?) I grab the cones out and start passing them around. I asked my husband to get the ice cream out and he informs me that there is about a spoonful left in the carton. AWESOME! So now I have nothing to hold a candle! I’m about to stick them in my ears when I realize that all the cones are so soft from being in the fridge that I can stick a candle in them! So each cone got a candle and Bud blew out his ice cream cone candles. It turned out pretty cool but I needed an aspirin when we were all done!

Can't wait until next year!


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  1. I'm sure it was super stressful at the time, but it's kind of an adorable story to read after the fact. ;)

    Happy Birthday, Bud.

  2. Hey we're good planners too, so I know exactly what you mean. We've started going with cup cakes around here. Super easy. No cutting of cake, each person gets one. Can even go with plain colors.

  3. Haha! It sounds like it was fun, even if a little hectic. The candles in the cones actually sounds pretty cool!

    Happy Birthday, Bud!