Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Looking back

With Babe’s second birthday this past Friday and Bud’s fifth birthday coming up on Sunday it has gotten me thinking about what type of mom I am. I am lazy like for my kids to learn by trial and error so I give them a lot of room to figure out that jumping naked from the top of the steps is not a good idea, or that spinning on the swing too much will make you throw up macaroni and red Kool-aid on my rug (awesome!). I’m getting better at holding my tongue and not saying “I told you so”, mostly because I know they will learn to turn that around on me.

I’ve learned more than I ever expected in these last 5 years. I’ve learned to a new level that you have to give respect to get respect. I’ve learned that DVD’s are hard to get out of VHS players. I’ve learned that it’s possible to physically ache for someone else’s pain. I’ve learned that hair that is not washed for a long time will stick up on its own and blaming it on their peanut butter sandwich at lunch is a thinly veiled lie. I’ve learned never to judge other parents because we all do what we can with what we know. I’ve learned that believing in magic is the most wonderful thing about childhood. I’ve learned that I don’t need to control every situation (that’s a hard one for me). I’ve learned that I can never give or receive enough hugs and kisses from my children. Most of all I’ve learned just how lucky I am and hopefully I’ll never take that for granted. Oh, one more, I’ve learned that pooping in solitude is a rare and lovely luxury!

Thank you to everyone who gave their opinions about what to do about inviting all the kids from Bud's classes. I went the way of the chicken and invited only a few but I think it went really well. That's after the heaven dried up long enough for this kids to play at the playground.

We had the party at the local park under the pavilion. Thank GOD for the pavilion! Just as the party started the heavens opened up and sent hell's fury upon us! It was so loud on the metal roof that we couldn’t hear each other talk! We had to scream and even then it was difficult! After the rain finally (thankfully) stopped some of the kids put on their bathing suits to use the slides because they were soaking wet. Other kids (Bud and Babe) could care less and sported wet clothes the rest of the party! A good time was had by all!

I even remembered to hand out the goodie bags (so what if I had to chase people down to give them out or if I had to bring one to another party scheduled after ours because they left early. That doesn't mean I'm a bad host. Really, I swear!)

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  1. I love your summary of what you learned. Especially about not judging other mothers. And about physically aching for someone else's pain. Two hard-learned lessons here.

    Glad Bud's birthday was nice! Happy Birthday, Bud!