Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Babe!

My baby is 2 today!! She can have Children’s medicine now, not infant. She wears underwear during the day (mostly) without an accident. She thinks she can wipe herself. She doesn’t take a bottle anymore. She likes to wear lipstick (I’m in trouble). She can open the screen door by herself (scary). She picks out her own clothes. She gives me dirty looks. She hugs me tight and tells me she loves me. She still wants to be snuggled. She needs a kiss when she gets a boo boo (and I better get just the right spot otherwise we stay there until I find it). She squeals when she sees me after work. She blows her own nose.

Maybe this age isn’t as traumatic as I think.

I love watching her grow and explore! I look forward to watching her forever (not in a creepy way).

Happy Birthday Babe!


  1. Awww! Happy Birthday, Babe!

    May I ask how you managed to potty train by are amazing. Any tips are appreciated as I'm thinking of starting soon.

    I love that she can blow her own nose. The day I no longer need to bulby booger sucker thing will be a day for celebration in my house, indeed!

  2. Awww - happy birthday.

    I still can't do all the things she can do, and I'm 31.

  3. Mama Spaghetti - Here's my tip on how to have a child potty trained by 2. Send her to your in-laws who are also watching her cousin whose exactly the same age and have them make it a contest. Oh, and an older sibling is required. :-)

    Seriously, I just got really lucky! She was ready and my MIL definitely helped out. Bud on the other hand...I'm lucky he's potty trained at all! He was a devil with it!

    And yes, I'm convinced those nose suckers are just as traumatic for the parents as the kids! I think my kids hated it so much they figured out if they blew I wouldn't do that to them! I'm glad that's over!

  4. Ah ha! That's very clever. Totally not repeatable, but clever.