Monday, July 25, 2011

We (and by "we" I mean my husband) saved a life. What did you do?

Glad to be back after an action packed weekend. There was a daring rescue, beach fun, and shopping extravaganzas.

I’ll start with the daring rescue! We got about a half hour into our road trip to CT and I noticed some tire marks going off the side of the road. I didn’t think anything of it since that’s not really uncommon (think along the lines of drunk rednecks peeling out because they are “cool”) but as we passed it my husband said he thought he saw a car down in the bushes. I hadn’t seen it (we later realized the reason for him seeing it) and he asked if we should go back and check it out. I agreed that we should. Sure enough there was a beige car (the color of deer to be exact…now is it clear why my husband spotted it?) deep down in the bushes. Even with his keen deer spotting eyes, I have no idea how he saw it. It was just barely visible from the road. We both were praying there wasn’t anyone in the car but he went to check it out while I stayed with the kids. (Babe was sleeping through the ordeal but Bud was ready to jump out and help. It was killing him that I wouldn’t let him.)

While my husband picked his way down into the brush all I could picture was a dead body slumped over the wheel. Thankfully, there were no dead bodies. Unfortunately there was still someone in the car. My husband, being the awesome, cool, calm, and collected person he is, started asking all the right questions…was she hurt? Can she move? Etc. She was ok, no blood, just really shaken up and REALLY hot (yes, we are getting the heat wave too) and she wanted to get out of the car. Fearing she would overheat (she’d been in the car for 20 minutes before we came by) my husband helped her out. It wasn’t easy because her door was pushed up against a lot of brush (including thorns) and she was elderly and shaken up so she wasn’t exactly spry. Thankfully he was able to get her out without too much effort. The car was in the shade and the sun was brutal up on the road so he had her sit on her bumper while we waited for the police. I had called 911 as soon as he told me there was someone in the car.

A guy on a motorcycle stopped shortly after we did and he was telling us that he had been at the bar and a bunch of people came in saying how some drunk lady was swerving all over the road, almost hit someone head on, and finally crashed into the ditch. He asked if they had stopped and they said they didn’t. He couldn’t believe they didn’t stop so he came out to see if he could find the scene. I can’t even believe the people didn’t stop to help. She wasn’t drunk but even if she was you would think they would stop, even if only to call the police and get her in trouble. Unbelievable!

The lady said so many people had passed by (she could hear the cars as they passed) but didn’t know where she was (in her panic she couldn’t remember what road she was on). She called her daughter and she came out looking for her but was having trouble finding her. That was no surprise since you could barely see the car and it blended in so perfectly with the brush. I am not sure why the daughter didn’t call the police but I think she just wasn’t thinking straight because she was so worried for her mother. The daughter finally found us because our car was pulled over so she stopped to check it out. She said she had passed that spot several times but never saw the car.

Surprisingly the police weren’t there yet but since her daughter was there (after exchanging phone numbers just in case) we left them to wait for the police so we could continue our trip. A little ways down the road I got a phone call from the dispatcher. The deputy couldn’t find the accident. Because I SUCK with directions and even though I travel that road every single time we visit my parents, I could not remember the name of it (it’s a county route) and we were in a deserted stretch so there were no house numbers or any landmarks nearby…nothing at all…so I had asked motorcycle guy to help me give directions. I repeated what he said but I don’t think it was entirely accurate. Thankfully my super awesome x-ray vision husband also has a perfect sense of direction so he was able to give me better directions to relay to dispatch. I assume they found her after that because I didn’t get any more phone calls.

Quite a way to start a road trip but I’m very glad she was ok. We don’t know if she had a stroke or just fell asleep but whatever happened she was ok when we left her and I hope she stays that way!  

That little adventure pales in comparison to the rest of the weekend but we lived it up, enjoying the beach and the great company. In the end I got a new dress and my kids got a new dual DVD player which is AWESOME. (Don’t think we left out my hero husband. He got a little something too.) So it was a fun trip for everyone.
Here are a few of the highlights from our beach adventure...

 (yes, Babe is eating the camera)

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  1. wow - that was intense. so glad everything worked out ok.

    and I love the pics - beach time with family is always the best!!! :)

  2. I can't believe you all save a life! That is something to put in the memory books! Nice work, by the way!

    Also, your kids are adorable! They look they are having the best time. A loves hermit crabs cute!

  3. Good for you guys! I remember stopping to help someone like that once on a family was crazy.

    Looks like the weekend was fun besides that though. Your kids are soooo cute! I love Babe's pigtails!

  4. I can't believe no one else stopped or even called 911. That's great that your husband spotted the car and I'm glad she wasn't seriously hurt.

    Your weekend pics look like lots of fun.

  5. Whoa! That's an amazing story. I can't believe he saw the car! And I also am amazed no one stopped!

    I'm glad you had a great vacation--your pictures are so cute!