Monday, July 11, 2011

Top Mommy Blogs here I come!

I’m not overly ambitious but I like to put myself in a position where it looks like I am. I like to think of myself as an under achiever in an over achievers body. It works well for me.

As such, I have gone and become a member of Top Mommy Blogs! (Did you notice my shiny new icon to the right? Isn’t it fancy?!) When I decided to join their site I didn’t realize that it required my application to be reviewed. I immediately started sweating and I may or may not have had a flash back to the time I ran for (and lost) Study Body President for my high school. I was already a little apprehensive at putting myself out there and relying on votes (I’m not brave like my friend Spaghetti Westerner who’s a part of Blogger Idol 2011 – visit and go vote for her now, she’s awesome! I’ll wait here.) and the thought of not getting any votes and having my account terminated (their words) for not generating enough traffic to their site had me up with diarrhea heartburn for most of the weekend. I’m not good under pressure people!

Anyway, I was very happy that there was no problem with my application and I am a proud new member. However, this means that I will now beg shamelessly for you to vote for me often. By clicking on the links I have conveniently provided you on the right side bar and at the bottom of each blog post you will enter a vote for my blog. Clicking on the icon or link will bring up their website but you do not have to join yourself, you will not be signed up for ads you don’t want, it will not bring up nudie pictures (sorry if that’s your thing), you do not have to have your own blog, heck, you don’t even have to be able to read! Just click and you’ve voted! My 2 year old can do that! Yay for ease of use and Yay for voting for me!

So don’t be shy. Go ahead and click! If not I’ll just sit here crying, alone, wallowing in self-pity writing this here blog to my faithful 12 people. (I love you guys! I really do!) I mean, I’ll be all right and everything. I have my health and my family and I guess that counts for something, right? But, to be on the safe side, I think you should just click (to the right, or below...see, so many convenient options!).


Top Mommy Blogs - Visit Top Mommy Blogs to vote for my blog


  1. Congrats on putting yourself out there! And thanks for the props! I truly feel lucky to count you among my bloggy friends.

    Good luck on Top Mommy Blogs. I clicked the icon four times and the link at the bottom of this post six times. Does that count as 10 votes? :) Haha. I hope so!