Friday, June 3, 2011

101 Things You Never Needed To Know About Me But I'll Tell You Anyway

  1. I have two kids, one husband, and no pets (besides kids and husband).
  2. I love the New York Rangers my family more than anything.
  3. I love the NY Rangers.
  4. We painted a mural on Bud’s bedroom wall of a hockey rink with the NYR logo in the middle.
  5. I’m jealous that Bud gets the Ranger mural in his bedroom.
  6. I have celiac disease.
  7. I don’t like that the sixth thing I thought to list about myself was celiac.
  8. I live way too far away from my side of the family.
  9. I hate deciding what to make for dinner.
  10. Ten is my favorite number.
  11. I love the beach.
  12. I can body surf.
  13. I can jump the waves for hours, long after I’ve lost all feeling from the cold water (What up LBI!).
  14. I want a fancy digital camera with a zoom lens.
  15. I want an iPod Touch.
  16. My 5 year old son will probably own an iPod Touch before I do.
  17. I will make him share it with me.
  18. I have no idea what am I doing as a parent but so far both of them are still alive so I must be doing something half-way right.
  19. My sister died in a car accident when I was a senior in high school.
  20. I don’t know what to answer when people ask me if I am an only child.
  21. I’m addicted to Swedish Fish.
  22. My favorite thing to do is sleep in.
  23. I feel guilty about sleeping in.
  24. I’m not a morning person.
  25. I’m not a night person.
  26. I’m writing this list while I should be working.
  27. I was once punished for an entire year for not having my room clean (My dad may have been tired of telling me to clean it). (Dad, please don’t read #28, skip right to #29)
  28. My room is still not clean.
  29. My dad’s macaroni is the best ever. PERIOD.
  30. It’s called “gravy”, not “red sauce”.
  31. I use a mopina, not a dish towel.
  32. I procrastinate like a champ.
  33. I love spring and summer.
  34. I hate winter.
  35. I don’t know why I moved to Central NY. (Lover you husband!)
  36. I want to go to Italy like a fat kid wants a cookie.
  37. I’d like a cookie.
  38. I like to clean hair out of hair brushes, I don’t care who they belong to.
  39. I might possibly have OCD.
  40. I could read all day, every day.
  41. I don’t like giving my children a bath.
  42. I do it sometimes anyway.
  43. Before I was diagnosed with celiac I would request stuffed artichokes for my birthday dinner.
  44. Artichokes are not in season at the end of August.
  45. My mother is a saint for dealing with my picky eating habits growing up.
  46. My grandmother has a direct line to God. I’m serious.
  47. My husband and I don’t make nearly enough money for the lifestyle I wish I was accustomed to.
  48. My husband has a terrible job that is sucking the life out of him.
  49. I’m proud of my husband for putting up with the bull$h*# at work just to support us.
  50. I would make a terrible stay-at-home mom.
  51. I love the tree swing my husband made for me, probably more than I should.
  52. I’ve gone para-sailing in Seattle.
  53. I’ve been to Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, London, Belgium, and France.
  54. My favorite meal ever was eating a baguette and dried sausage in our hotel room in Paris.
  55. I wear contacts.
  56. I’m a very competitive person.
  57. I try not to let people know I’m a competitive person.
  58. I like to watch a heavy rain storm at night. Even better if thunder and lightning is involved.
  59. My mom and I used to watch heavy rainstorms from our front door at night.
  60. Commercials showing someone’s accomplishments (real or fake) make me cry.
  61. I want to be on the DIY network show Yard Crashers.
  62. I will never be on the DIY network show Yard Crashers.
  63. I’m sure my kids are fairly average but I find everything they do amazing.
  64. We have shows on our DVR from March that we still haven’t caught up with yet.
  65. I have a scar on my head from falling UP our front steps as a child.
  66. I named my hamster “Me” when I was in seventh grade because that was the initials of the boy I liked at the time.
  67. I have always wanted my initials to make a word.
  68. My initials do not make a word.
  69. I like to watch funny movies more than any other genre.
  70. I used to be able to touch my toes to my head.
  71. I like to pop pimples, doesn’t matter if they are mine or someone else’s. 
  72. Not having an epidural when giving birth is stupid.
  73. I only write in blue ink.
  74. I decided to go to the college I went to because they gave me a car decal with my admission letter.
  75. My best friend’s name is Smidge. (I will post about her someday soon)
  76. I like post-it notes.
  77. I have 6 different types of post-it notes on my desk this very moment.
  78. I asked for a trampoline when I was little and my parents got me a small exercise one instead.
  79. I have never forgiven my parents for trying to substitute an exercise trampoline for a big one.
  80. I can ride a unicycle (thanks FAS!)
  81. My son says he’s going to move to Texas to be a cowboy because that’s where “real” cowboys live.
  82. I have never been to Texas.
  83. I worked at a podiatrist office in high school.
  84. My favorite necklace is the one my husband made me out of a quarter he put on the railroad tracks and was flattened by a train.
  85. I have shot a bullet through the center of a quarter from 30 yards away.
  86. I tell people I don’t like to get dressed up fancy but I really do.
  87. There isn’t a plant I can’t kill.
  88. I want to be a real estate agent when I grow up.
  89. I got into a fist fight with a boy when I was in 4th grade because he called me a pigeon.
  90. I once made a batch a cupcakes and ate the entire batch in one day. I cleaned up all the trays and put everything away before my mom got home so I wouldn’t get in trouble. When she came home and said it smelled like cupcakes I denied everything. I only recently told her the truth.
  91. I once ate an entire pound of bacon because I didn’t know what to do with the rest of it once I opened it. I had just gotten the “Bacon Wave” as a present and wanted to try it out.
  92. I call my husband and my mom everyday on the way home from work.
  93. My favorite singer is Billy Joel.
  94. I played outfield and was captain of my college softball team.
  95. I played left bench on my college volleyball team.
  96. My friend and I buried a time capsule when we were 10 and promised to open it when we were 16. It’s still buried in her backyard.
  97. I have an irrational fear of spiders.
  98. I burp loudly, a lot.
  99. I used to do gymnastics until I got a stress fracture in my back.
  100. I can’t spell the word excerise (exercise) without the help of spell check.
  101. There are a lot more things I could tell you but then I’d have to change the title.


  1. I adore the Buffalo Sabres. Wanna fight?

    (it's actually cool to see other hockey fans - we are a rare breed!)

  2. We've got a lot of odd things in pimple popping, lol.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great List. Thanks for sharing. I too hate spiders.

  4. I could have written so much of this list! You might be my soul mate. Or my long-lost sibling or something.

    But, of all the great things on the list, I have to say that I'm incredibly grateful to know I'm not the only one who doesn't like to bathe my children (or child in my case).

  5. hahah...classic blog! I might have to steal this idea soon :)

  6. I think this is the first list I've ever made it through! I think I should be more patient with them, since after reading this I see it's fascinating to (a) see in a list what otherwise takes years to learn and (b) see someone else through their own eyes.

    Re: Swedish Fish? I didn't understand the joy of these until law school, when all my Christmases were courtesy the dollar store. :D

    I, too, would be a terrible stay-at-home mom.

    79 had me giggling aloud. That's something in favor of today!

  7. I SO love this!!
    I hate thinking about what to make for dinner as well.
    I too want a fancy camera
    I tell myself that my job requires me to procrastinate just so I feel better about myself.
    I love that your best friends name is Smidge. They sound awesome.
    I know all about that Grandma and direct line to God. Seen it.
    This list didn't seem like 101 things. Coming up with 30 should be easy. :)