Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why can't girls stand up to pee?

Babe will be turning 2 on July 1 (insert me hyperventilating here). This week the only time she’s worn a diaper is to sleep (and once on an outing when I wasn’t sure of bathroom facilities). I would like to say that I have worked hard with her to get her to use the potty. However, that would be a lie. I have barely worked with her at all. She has taken it upon herself to potty train and does it with gusto. When we can’t find her we usually check the bathroom first because she generally grabs her seat, gets up on the potty, does her business, “wipes” (quotes for good reason) ,then gets down and washes her hands all by herself (with the help of step stools, of course).

I don’t know where this alien baby came from but it’s definitely not the same place my son came from. He had a lot of fun torturing us with having NO interest in training and nursery school looming in front of us. Thankfully he has an older cousin who was going to school every day and he was jealous that she got to go and he didn’t. We manipulated convinced him that if he used the potty all the time he’d get to go to school too. It also helped that we let him pee outside. Man, he really enjoyed that. I don’t know about our neighbors though. We had just moved into our house and there’s our son, back arched, pants around his ankles, in the middle of the front yard, facing the road, waving to cars as they pass, peeing for all he was worth! It was a proud moment. We also still have a bare spot in the grass. I didn’t really think pee was that powerful but I swear we have a bare spot where he went. Not kidding, I’ll take a picture sometime.

So Babe is getting all “big girl” on me and stuff and I don’t know if I’m quite ready for it. I have to mentally prepare myself for this and I’m having trouble. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about not having to change her diaper anymore but I have to remember that she needs to go to the bathroom. She’s a big helper and has been telling us when she has to go (or doing it herself) but I still need to be the responsible one (HA!) and make sure she really does go often because as much as I hate changing diapers, cleaning pee off my carpet is not very high on my list of “Fun stuff to do when I’m busy”.  

I think one of my biggest concerns is when we are out in public. Did you know boys pee standing up? I know, right! When Bud started doing it I was like “Whoa! That’s so cool! You don’t have to squat!” and I was a big fan while training him because I didn’t have to worry about touching all the nasty toilets in public bathrooms. But yeah, Babe, not so much. She’s all short and stuff so she can’t squat on her own (total bummer for me!). I haven’t taken her far from home without a diaper yet and I’m really dreading it. I’ll be all hyper-freaked and lay like 14 layers of TP on the seat but you KNOW she’ll find the sliver I missed and put her hand right on it and then you KNOW as I’m trying to clean everything up and get situated that she will put that same hand in her mouth before I have a chance to wash it! I just KNOW it!!!! (I just threw up in my mouth a little just thinking about it!) And what about when we go to Bud’s t-ball game and we have to use a (shudder) porta potty? Wait, I know, I’ll make my husband take her! Phew! Glad I figured that one out!


  1. I've read somewhere that girls are way easier to potty train than boys. It looks like your kids follow that rule!

    Good luck with potties and germs.

  2. Ugh! This is something I am so not looking forward to...maybe A will just stay in diapers till she is old enough to deal all on her own! :)

  3. Lucky you that she's taking the reins on potty training. I'm jealous.

    Also, I totally cracked up about your little guy peeing outside. Hilarious.

  4. Nice to meet you! I don't hate. My son potty trained himself right before his second birthday as well. He asked me one day if he could poop on the potty. Sure nothing would come of it I put him up there. (First time I ever put him on the potty!) He pooped. He asked for underpants. That was that. He never had an accident. He was a miracle child so I never actually had to go through this process before. Girls are supposed to be easier right? What could my daughter do that's easier? Drive herself to Target for her underpants?