Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I don't want my kid to be known as Toothless Joe

Bud has a dentist appointment tomorrow to get cavities filled. (Let’s not dwell on the fact that my son’s mouth is riddled with cavities. I’m not a bad mom, the dentist says he was born with tooth defects…I swear!)

I may have written before about his experience with the “laser” at our regular dentist but I’m too lazy to look it up and link to it if I did. To sum up, our dentist uses a laser to fill cavities and you don’t even need novocain because the process is so painless. That’s what he says. Get a 4 year old in the dentist chair with a machine gun sounding “laser” in his mouth and you probably won’t get great results. As such, we were referred to a pediatric dentist about an hour away. (No surprise there, everything is about an hour away from where we live. Why am I living in Central NY again?) We had our consultation a few weeks ago and tomorrow is the big day. We have to be there at 7:30 (did you guys know I’m not a morning person) so they can give him the sedation medicine and then they will see him at 9:00. So he gets all loopy and then they wrap him in a papoose (not just for Native American children anymore!) so he doesn’t flail about during the procedure.  

I’m thinking that this whole thing will be more traumatic for me than for him but I’m really not looking forward to it. The good thing to come out of it is I have the day off from work to deal with my drunk child. The bad news is I have to deal with a drunk child on my day off. The other good news is I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write about after the appointment!


  1. maybe you can get famous on youtube like that one dad who filmed his son after the dentist asking "if this is real life?" hahahaha.

  2. My sympathies on your drunk child. Hope all goes well.

    About the fires...the one in AZ that's all over the news is pretty close to where I leave now and reeeally close to where I grew up. So it's definitely in our backyard, so to speak.

  3. Good luck! I hope things go smoothly for you both!

    I lived in NY for a while! Although, now that you mention it, I don't miss how far away everything seems from everything else!

  4. Yeah just keep telling yourself this will make for good blog material.....good luck to both you and your son.