Monday, June 13, 2011

Where the Buffalo roam

Picture from here

I have very exciting news! We are going to Montana!!! We leave next week! I can’t wait! We are going to Glacier National Park for a few days first and then driving (8 hours, ugh! With two kids, quadruple ugh!) down to Yellowstone. I’ve never been in that region and I am super psyched to go. It’s all been very spontaneous and short notice so now I’m trying to get everything organized (did you know flights to Montana cost as much as flights to Italy? That wasn’t a surprise I wanted).

We are going with my in-laws (back to that whole thing about us being “go-alongers” not planners) and my husband’s 14 year old sister. Thankfully we get along great so I’m hoping it stays that way after the trip too. My in-laws are leaving a few days before us and then we are going on Tuesday and taking his sister (two weeks is much too long for a teenage girl to be away from her friends!).

I’m really looking forward to the trip but I’m NOT looking forward to making the trip. Know what I mean? Long air travel, plus hours and hours in the car, plus two young kids, plus long exhausting days does not equal a peaceful situation. I’m hoping the beautiful landscape makes everyone a little more peaceful than usual. Bud has always traveled well, I’m not entirely worried about him. Babe on the other hand is a hellion while traveling. I may bring ear plugs.

This whole thing might be kind of foolish on our part but we haven’t taken a vacation in years and we just can’t pass up this opportunity (I mean seriously, when will we find more people that are willing to let us tag along on their vacation?)

Now if only I can convince my husband that I need a new fancy camera before we go!


  1. ooooh - take lots and lots of pictures!

  2. I hope to have an equally stunning picture to rival the one in this post! Now if only I can get the rainbows to cooperate!

  3. ooo oooo, i love vacations- even living vicariously thru other people. good luck with the whole travel thing! expect the worst- and then you can be happy when it's better than expected. :)

  4. Good Luck. Let us know how it goes. We are traveling down to Florida in October with 3 little ones.

  5. Yay for you! We went to Glacier for our first anniversary and LOVED it. I hope you have an amazing time, and I can't wait to see your pics when you get back.