Thursday, June 9, 2011

Magic Teeth

I don’t have much time to write today but thought you’d be interested in seeing Bud’s new hardware. He’s not really buying the whole “magic teeth” thing because it means he can’t chew gum or have fruit snacks. To put that in perspective, that cuts his diet down by at least 40%. He’s a bit beside himself with that thought.

Also, to give you an update. My mom's neighbor is a dentist and she happened to have an appointment with him yesterday afternoon. She asked him about it and he said he would have done the same thing. Apparently the white ones cost over $1000 each and the metal ones cost 10 bucks a pop. He said the fact that Bud will lose those teeth eventually don’t make the cost of white one’s practical. His opinion does smooth my ruffled feathers a little. Just a little.

Sorry for the bad quality. I was taking this picture just before we had to run out the door. My camera doesn't like close ups so this was the best I could do. (Also try explaining to a distracted 5 year old to get his tongue out the God damn way to get a good picture.) The other side is in the shadows but you can make it out if you squint and turn your head sideways and cough...wait, that might be for something different...never mind)

 You can barely see them when he smiles.


  1. I thought of an idea to make Bud feel better about his teeth if you have some spare time this weekend. Buy that decorating icing (the kind that paints on like a marker) in silver (metalic of course) and have a fun teeth painting party for the other members of the house!

    ps....they don't look that bad...and I heard the toothfairy pays up for silver teeth :)

  2. I'm sure to you they are very noticable, but really you can't tell when he smiles unless your looking for them. Heck if that was my clown, I'd tell him they were pirate teeth. He'd love them and never want them to come out. He's all about being a pirate.

  3. Aww that's not so bad at all! And it probably won't be long 'til he loses them anyway.

    Glad your dentist friend confirmed that at least there was a good reason behind doing it.