Monday, June 6, 2011

Another list (because I can)

I had so much fun writing my last list that I’m going to force another one on you (don’t worry, it’s not nearly as long). Enjoy!

Things I did this weekend:
  1. Drove a total of ten hours in one day (and by “drove” I mean rode shotgun while my husband did almost all of the driving. See # 4)
  2. Saw a GIGANTIC skateboard traveling down the Garden State Parkway on the back of a flatbed. (oh if only I had my camera at the ready for that one!)
  3. Saw 3 pink cars in a five mile stretch. (Really? You choose the pink one? On purpose?)
  4. Drove 30 minutes out of 10 hours in the car before almost throwing up about 12 miles from home.
  5. Threw up massively once we got home.
  6. Had a 2 year old throw up her lunch of mac and cheese all over me and my bedroom floor.
  7. Painted the dining room.
  8. Fell off a ladder while painting the dining room.

Overall it was a splendid weekend. Hope yours was just as action packed!

1 comment:

  1. I love that you painted then fell off the ladder! Was there really a #7A. Had a few glasses of wine :)