Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where's Ahmed Hassan when you need him???

I suck at gardening. My thumb is brown all the way. We also don’t have a ton of money to spend on plants and other landscape materials. We’ve done a great job on the house, sprucing it up and making it presentable (on the outside, let’s not talk about my housekeeping skills) but we pretty much have no landscaping going on. Last year we planted some Hosta (spell check doesn’t like that but I don’t know how it is spelled so just read it phonetically) but neither of us like the way it looks. I’m trying to look online to find garden ideas but everything I find is ugly. Now I know I have no design or landscape skill but I know when something is ugly. I also don’t like that they always show drawings instead of real pictures. Tell me, do they draw how they are supposed to look because they can’t get a good picture because it never turns out how it’s supposed to? That doesn’t seem promising to me!!

I wish Yard Crashers (on DIY Network) would consider coming to central NY! I need someone else to do the planning. I don’t mind helping out but I have no vision. I daydream all the time about Ahmed Hassan showing up in my Lowe’s and picking ME to come home with. If I ever saw him there I think I might pull him kicking and screaming to my house. We have a great backyard but it’s lumpy and ugly. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, I just need to be told what to do! Come on Ahmed! You know you want to come to backwater central NY and fix up my backyard!!!!!

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