Friday, April 8, 2011

Next step: Drooling...

Before I had kids I always heard stories about “mommy brain” and how kids suck the memory right out of you. I completely believed the stories but I didn’t fully realize just how bad it could be. In the last week I have had three incidents (two in one day) that have completely confirmed my case of mommy brain!!

Last Friday we were taking a trip down to my parents house. I wanted to get gas during lunch so we could leave as soon as I got home. I decided to run other errands while I was out and ended up completely forgetting to get gas. I didn’t even realize it until hours later! I was so mad at myself because we’d already be getting a late start and now we’d be even later.

I ordered pizza before I left work so I could swing by and get it (now after getting gas) so I got to the place, paid for the pizza and got two towns away before I realized the pizza was still sitting on the counter! I had to turn around and wasted a half hour backtracking!

Yesterday I had to pick up my husband’s car keys from the repair shop because they’d be closed by the time I could get home to pick him up and bring him back. So I stopped at the shop, paid for the repairs, and left. Notice anything left out of that sequence? Yeah, TOTALLY forgot the keys! I didn’t even realize it until we were getting ready to go pick it up. Thankfully when I called someone was still at the shop and he said he’d leave them in the car for us.

I have never had a good memory, that’s no secret, but it seems like 28 is a little young for dementia to be setting in. I guess I should feel fortunate that I haven’t lost one of my kids yet…but I guess there is still time!

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