Monday, April 11, 2011

Allergic to doctors maybe

A few weeks ago everyone in the family (including extended family like grandma and aunts and cousins) all came down with a nasty, lengthy cold. For Bud it developed into an ear infection and we took him to get antibiotics. A few days later my husband came down with it and had a terrible time getting over it. A few days after that it was my turn. My husband urged me to get to the doctor right away so that I didn't have to go through what he went through. I RARELY go to the doctor as evident from being dropped by my doctor (that's a whole other story) because I know they really can't do much, especially if it's "just a cold". I'm a little quicker to bring the kids but I still generally stay away unless their symptoms are particularly bad. But, with my husband still trying to get over it and knowing how terrible it was for him I figured I'd go in. After looking me over and asking me questions the doctor proclaimed...I had allergies! Yes, allergies. Even though seven (SEVEN!) other people in my family that I see EVERYDAY had the same exact symptoms, and at least two were given antibiotics (only two because the rest didn't go to the doctor). Oh, and did I mention that everyone that did go to the doctor was seen by the SAME doctor. So, same symptoms, same family, same doctor...and I'm the only one to have allergies? I was sure to question him about it and he explained it away and gave me a sample of Clarinex (at least I didn't have to pay for it!) and off I went. The Clarinex definitely helped my symptoms but it's an antihistamine, of course it's going to clear up a stuffy nose. But anyway...whatever! 

On Friday evening Bud came down with a fever that lasted all night long (despite Tylenol - that lessened it but didn't get rid of it completely) so on Saturday morning we took him to the walk-in clinic that is associated with our doctor's office. After waiting long enough for the girl that was there for her first pregnancy test to give birth to a full term baby, we were finally seen (by the same doctor). He checked Bud over and asked him questions and guess what he has!!! Go ahead, guess! Yes, he was running a fever of 101 for more than 12 hours and apparently it's because he has...allergies! I asked if it was common for allergies to cause a fever (in my best, most skeptical voice I could muster). Now, I'm no doctor, I don't even play one on TV, but I'm pretty sure fever means infection. His explanation was indeed that the allergies are causing him to run a fever.

At that point I was so beyond hating this guy that I just asked what I could give him and left.

Yes, it's allergy season, yes, people do suffer from allergies in this area more than others. However, that does NOT mean that every person who comes in, especially if they are running a fever, has allergies! Even if a person does actually suffer from allergies, it doesn't mean they don't ALSO get sick! Ugh!!!

So this week I will be looking for a new doctor. One who doesn't have the same answer for every person that comes in.

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  1. Doctors. So frustrating. I hate it when their answer is always allergies. I DO NOT have allergies! Grr...I feel your pain. In the community where I work we had a teacher who went in to the local clinic...was told it was allergies. Guess what it turned out to be? Lymphatic cancer.