Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bath Time!

I HATE giving the kids a bath! Is that bad? I mean, I'm not talking weeks or anything but you know, maybe it's not so much top priority. They aren't the smelly kid in class (at least I hope not) but if I were a "good" mom I would totally give them one more often. Last night it was a must. I'm hoping Babe had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch because her hair was standing up on it's own. (you know, because if she did you know she smushed it in her hair, peanut butter = hair gel to her) It couldn't possibly be because I haven't washed her hair in a while. Right? Ok, in my defense she does get a bath more than her hair does. She loves the water but try washing her hair and she turns into hell baby! She WILL NOT lay her head back and I usually have to end up just dumping a bucket of water on her head. Of course she FREAKS out when I do this but it's either that or the Medusa look from the dried soap that would get left in. So to spare me  her that embarrassment I have to resort to drastic measures! So all you politically correct people that want to call the cops on me because I water torture my baby just STEP OFF! I'm doing my best!! At least I'm not giving my seven year old Botox! You heard that story right! At least I'm not her! At least that's what I keep telling myself!


  1. I am with you on this one. My kids only get a bath about twice a week...mainly becuz we dont have time for more. Sometimes its only once a week.....shhhhhh! Lol

  2. Your secret it safe with me! :-) (Look at me! I figured out how to reply! Woot woot!!!)