Friday, April 22, 2011

Meet my dogs...I mean children...

I’ve never had a dog or cat (it was only caged creatures for me growing up) so I never really understood just how much a dog is like a child. My co-workers have dogs and so while I spout stories of my kids they spout stories of their pets. The scary thing is they are eerily similar. I just heard one story about how she can’t keep her glass front screen door clean because her dog licks it constantly. I have the same trouble!!! My kids are constantly putting their face all over our glass front screen door and (Babe mostly) loves to lick it! LICK IT! What is that all about? Now, granted, if we happen to be on the other side of said door and she does that we laugh hysterically at her so perhaps we aren’t helping matters but we didn’t teach her that. I swear! That’s her innate dog coming out all on its own!

Every time I hear a story about a dog I invariable end up thinking “My children do the same thing!” There is hardly a story they tell that I can’t also apply to my kids. I guess I can use that point in an argument about why I don’t need to get a dog. I already have two and mine will grow up and not poop all over the floor anymore! (I hope)

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