Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Do you have an opinion for a title for this post?

I find it terribly inconvenient that I have some of my best blog post ideas in the bathroom. I don’t even mean when I’m in there long (because a long trip would involve a book and then I’m not thinking about blogging). I mean just a quick trip. I’ll have a wonderful idea about what to write and I’ll remind myself over and over not to forget but invariably in the 20 steps from the bathroom to my computer POOF it’s gone. I don’t even realize the thread of thought is slipping away until I try to remember it. I just had the BEST idea. I’d like share it with you but it’s down the rabbit hole never to be seen or heard from again. Take my word for it though, it would have been a GREAT post. Unfortunately there’s a large gap between my ears 1st place and runner up. You get this instead.

Do you ever ask someone for their opinion and once they give it to you, you realize you totally don’t agree and come to your own conclusion? I do. I do that a lot. I’m pretty sure it comes off as…I don’t know, rude, snotty, insert your own word here (I left my words in the bathroom) but I totally don’t intend it that way. Sometimes I just need to hear other options to reaffirm what I was already thinking or to put things in better perspective. In fact, the other person’s opinion has helped a great deal to help me understand what I don’t want and isn’t that just as important as knowing what you do want? Is it so bad that I don’t ALWAYS take other people’s opinions? I guess I ask for opinions a lot because I like to look at things from many perspectives so that I can judge (for myself) what option I like best. Just because I don’t take the idea doesn’t mean it’s not important to me or to my decision making process.

Just wanted to go on the record about that…

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