Thursday, April 28, 2011

Buggin out!

Allow me to set the scene for you. Babe is whiny and wanted to be held the entire time…only by me. She’s wearing Bud’s pajamas (backwards – including his underwear) from the night before that I had neglected to bring upstairs and out of her reach. I believe her clothes were strewn about on the kitchen floor. I had to bring in the rose bush because we live in Central NY and even though it might reach 79 degrees during the day it doesn’t mean there won’t be frost that night. Because she won’t let me put her down I take her outside with me. This makes her happy enough for me to set her down on the steps while I put the rose bush in the garage. As I return to get her she starts FREAKING out. I mean totally going nuts and crying and shaking! You would have thought she was being poked with a hot iron! She had sheer terror on her face like I’ve never seen before. I didn’t know what was wrong! Then I realize she’s pointing to her leg so I looked. She had an ant on her. An ant. And not even one of the big nasty looking ones. This was hardly visible. But with her super x-ray baby vision she saw it and almost had an aneurysm! I flicked it off as she scrambled into my arms trembling! The poor kid! I can’t imagine what she would do with a spider!

Which leads me into this…Bud doesn’t like bugs either. I don’t blame him, I certainly don’t either but I don’t freak out because I don’t want the kids to freak out. (Yes, that’s the only thing that keeps me from freaking out…whatever works!) Right now we have these massive hairy spiders that are popping up every now and then. They are GROSS! Of course I only see them when my husband isn’t around so I am the one who has to deal with them. (Otherwise you better believe I scream my head off until he comes running to take care of it! That’s why I got married! So I don’t have to be spider killer! Sophomore year of college my roommate and I had a spider in our closet on move-in day. We sprayed it with Windex until it drowned and there it sat until we got someone else to get it.) The other day I saw one in the dining room and I knew that if I went into the closet to get the Swiffer (who says those things are just for cleaning floors? Attach a paper towel to it and it makes an excellent spider killing apparatus!) it would disappear before I got back. I asked Bud to stand there and watch it so it didn’t escape. I thought he would cooperate because he hates them as much as me and the thought of seeing one and then not knowing where it went is almost as traumatic as having one on me! So I asked him nicely and I was met with a stare that only said one thing “Are you on crack lady?” He hightailed it out of there so fast! So much for all that “teamwork” I thought the Wonder Pets were teaching him!!


  1. Spiders never freaked me out until I caught a black widow on my wall. Eek!

    Wonder pets cracks me up for the simple fact that my two year old sings the song so cute!

  2. Living in the desert comes with the unfortunate side effect of having to contend with bugs, lots and lots and lots of bugs. Spiders, ants, anything. So I am pretty used to seeing critters in our house. My kids however, lose their ever-lovin' mind whenever they see a bug in the house.

    I love reading what you write becuz I can totally hear it in my's the same way I talk and think!

  3. Last night Bud came running into our room after he was tucked in and said "MOM...uh, I mean DAD, there's a spider in my room!!" He's learns so fast! :-)